Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure

///Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure

Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure

Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure

The Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure was a 6 fishing hook Minnow. This wooden glass eyed bait was Circa 1952 and measured in at 3 5/8″ in length. The antique fishing lure had 6 hooks and used what collectors term as surface hardware. The Bon Net underwater minnow was made in the image of the Heddon Musky Lure the series 300 specifically. The Hobbs Supply Company was located out of Eu Claire Wisconsin. The Hobbs supply company was started by two brothers Bert and Tom and were in the Piping trade business in the early 1900’s. They made the move to move of a wholesale type business in the mid teens and split into a few different entities, Bartingale Mechanical being one of them. The wholesale side of things would eventually actually contract the Arnold Bait Company of Paw Paw Michigan to make the Bon-Net minnow lure. Its written that they contracted 2 different batches, both being 6000 lures. That would also explain the box stating it was manufactured for distribution by W. H Hobbs Supply Company.

The box also states its a proven killer for Muskies and Northern Pike. I’m not sure how it couldn’t with the six very large treble hooks. I imagine it caught a few fisherman in its day as well when he was trying to remove the lure from the fishes mouth.  Many decades earlier we see different states regulate the fishing industries and impose besides daily limits, things such as the amount of hooks one was able to use to catch fish with. Obviously Wisconsin wasn’t one of them as the hook filled beast was allowed to be used.

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