Hendryx Burdett Bait Lure

///Hendryx Burdett Bait Lure

Hendryx Burdett Bait Lure

Hendryx Burdett Bait Lure

The Hendryx Burdett Bait Lure is one of the harder to find Hendryx antique fishing lures. If you not familiar with Hendryx baits, or reels, but your familiar with Winchester reels, your actually familiar with Hendryx and just didn’t know it. Winchester bought the rights Hendryx in the late teens or 20’s. However that is not the Burdett Bait.

The Burdett Bait lure gets its title from its namesake Frank Burdett who was a Canadian machinist. Frank would come to sell his patented in 1904 lure invention to the Andrew B. Hendryx Corporation . Hendryx would decide to kept its name in use. The antique fishing lure can be found made of other materials, such as Brass, Copper and Nickle. You will find 50 Hendryx spoons and fluted or flat spinners to 1 of the Burdett bait. The lure can actually be found with eyes recessed into the front quarter of lure was well. The Burdett fishing lure measure 4″ in length and as you can see is made in the shape of a fish with a hollow yet reinforced center.

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