Heddon SOS 170 Minnow Lure

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Heddon SOS 170 Minnow Lure

Heddon SOS 170 Minnow Lure

The Heddon SOS 170 Minnow Lure is the second to the largest in the family of 4. This antique fishing lure was first introduced in 1928 by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan. The wooden fishing lure measures in at roughly 4 1/2″ in length. The lures main focus was the larger of the game fish, the Large Mouth ¬†Bass, Walleye, Great Northern, Salmon on up. The lure has a pair of glass eyes at the front to add to the realism of this “Swims on Sides” genre or niche inside the fishing tackle industry. With the imitation being the dearest form of flattery, everyone was looking to get a piece of the giant market share that Creek Chub had garnered with its widely popular Injured Minnow Lure. It should be of no surprise then that Heddon would come forth and present 4 different sizes in this category.

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Heddon 170 SOS Antique Lure
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The lure would go through a series of hardware options and changes over time to hold its three trebles or 3T as its sometimes called. The first version would be the L Rig, then into the 1930’s the Two Piece Flap Rig, as shown in the gallery. The 170 lure would always come standard with its dual scripted props. The lure would be offered in an array of colors over the years from the standard or basic colored finishes to some great uncatalogued gems hiding out there. The two color examples in the gallery below are; Green Scale, Code D and Silver Scale, Code SS.

Heddon SOS 170 Minnow Lure Photo Gallery

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