Heddon SOS 160 Lure Strawberry Spot

///Heddon SOS 160 Lure Strawberry Spot

Heddon SOS 160 Lure Strawberry Spot

Heddon SOS 160 Lure Strawberry Spot

The Heddon SOS 160 Lure was first introduced in 1928. This antique lure made by the Heddon Lure Company out of Dowagiac Michigan was one of the mid sized SOS or Swims on Sides lure made by the company. This wooden, glass eyed lure was made to mimic a wounded prey fish. The antique fishing lure was a concave type slab that laid on its side in the water. As we discussed before imitation is the dearest form of flattery, this lure was made due to the bounding success the Creek Chub lure Company of Garrett Indiana was having with its own cripple or wounded minnow lure. We would see all the larger or Big 4 produce their own version of.

The 160 SOS was 4 1/2″ inches in length and came with two treble hooks to secure its catch. The antique fishing lure would be in Heddon’s Catalog line up for many decades and would take one changes that all in the industry would go through. The lure would have glass eyes in its initial stage and then move to painted. The 160 SOS was available in all the standard Heddon colors for each period or era. There are also uncatalogued versions such as this strawberry spot version, Heddon’s color code 169S for this example. The antique lure can be found housed in the Era┬ácentric boxes, from the Up and Downward Leaping Bass Boxes t the HR Brush box as shown in the gallery to the later Banner and so on.

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