Heddon Sonar Antique Lure

///Heddon Sonar Antique Lure

Heddon Sonar Antique Lure

Heddon Sonar

The Heddon Sonar was first introduced in around 1959 by Heddon of Dowagiac, Michigan. The antique fishing lure came in a multitude of of colors ranging from basic primary colors to the flashy eye popping fluorescent, to mimicking that of a fish itself in the natural series. The Sonar was advertised in 3 different model sizes and corresponding model numbers the #435 at 2 1/2 inches in length, #433 at 2″, and #431 being the smallest. The Sonar fishing lure is an all metal lure and while was offered in different colors and size the hook configurations varied as well. The antique lure┬áhad 3 line tie holes allowing the fisherman to select its running depth by using the corresponding spot.

While Sonars may not bring or command much as far in the way of monetary value, that in itself is what gives them their spot at the lure collecting table. To be able to build a collection of similar items that are 60 years in age and covering a myriad colors. Best of all collecting the Heddon Sonar fishing lure will not break the bank.

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