Heddon Plunking Basser Lure

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Heddon Plunking Basser Lure

Heddon Plunking Basser Lure

The Heddon Plunking Basser Lure is a smaller lure than its bigger brother the Heddon Basser antique lure. The Plunking Basser is a wooden lure measuring 3″ inches in length. The lure was given a model series number 8400 by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan. This lure features 2 treble hooks instead of the standard 3 on the Heddon Basser 8500 series. The 8400 Plunking Basser is rather scarce in numbers and can be fun but very challenging to assemble a color collection.

We have a nice Red and White on in with this weeks Ebay consignments.

Heddon Plunking Basser

If you have lures you would like to consign please contact me.

The lure in the gallery below is shown with two piece hook hardware, dating it to the early to mid 1930’s through 1948. The lure has a single line tie that is mounted in the mouth above the typical Bass mouth plate. The antique fishing lure would have come in a H.R Brush box.

The antique fishing lure gallery below shows examples in both Perch Color; Code L and Rd and White; Code 02.

Heddon Plunking Basser Lure Photo Gallery

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