Heddon Musky Vamp Lure

///Heddon Musky Vamp Lure

Heddon Musky Vamp Lure

Heddon Musky Vamp Lure

The Heddon Musky Vamp Lure is a series model number 7600. The antique Heddon lure first appears in 1925 and is housed in a giant box made especially for the Heddon Musky Vamp Minnow Lure. This rather large antique lure is sometimes affectionately referred to as the Baseball Bat Vamp for its 8″ length. This wooden, glass eyed lure, was used obviously for big game fish such such as Musky and Pike, as well as there are salt water colors for use on the briny brethren on this lure as well. The antique Heddon lure features a giant box swivel at the front, heavy duty L Rig hardware underneath holding 3 massive treble hooks to secure its catch once caught.

The Giant Straight Vamp as it can be found listed as in some of the Heddon antique lure catalogs, really is just a larger creation, or super sized, from the standard 7500 series lure in every way, including the addition of the nose pin. Heddon also made a 7550 series 6″ Musky Vamp adding to the some times confusion to the identification process with non antique lure collectors. Attempting to collect all the different colors of this lure can be a collection that can take many many years, or a life time of collecting to complete due to the scarcity and rarity of some of the Heddon Musky Vamp Lure colors.

Some of the colors available to collect are:

02  Red and White
R Natural Scale
S Spotted
RH Red Head Salt Water Flitter
P Shiner Scale
D Green Scale

Heddon Musky Vamp Lure in Red and White Gallery

Heddon Musky Vamp Natural Scale Finish Gallery

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