Heddon 300 7 Hook Minnow Lure

///Heddon 300 7 Hook Minnow Lure

Heddon 300 7 Hook Minnow Lure

Heddon 300 7 Hook Minnow Lure

This Heddon 300 7 Hook Minnow Lure dates to 1925. The model Heddon of Dowagiac, Michigan asigned this was a model 300 which had been being produed already for 20 years, just another version of it. This bohemoth of a antique lure was a wooden fat body 300, with 7 hooks attached in just about every spot you could with the exception of the front line tie.

This lure proves if you cant catch a fish, you certianly can catch yourself. I dont even enjoy holding this antique fishing lure when given the chance for fear of becoming prey to it myself as a antique lure collector. This version wouldnt even be legal to fish in many states today. The lure was used most certianly as a trolling minnow or atleast the people in the same boat as yourself would hope you were. This underwater minnow lure was used to bring up large game fish such as Northern Pike or Musky.

This wooden, glass eyed, fishing lure measure 3 3/4″ in length. The antique lure features two marked propellors, both fore and aft. It also uses 6 sets of L Rig hook hangers to secure them to the lure and sometimes yourself, the 7th free hanging from the rear screw eye. The antique lure was availble in the standard era colors. The fishing lure example shown is in green scale, Heddon’s, color code D. The lure could have been housed in a large up or down leaping bass box. You can find examples using different hardware such as two piece or toilet seat rigged hardware or a mixture of both on the same bait, usuallyusing a different on the belly hooks.

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