Heddon 00 Lure 5 Hook Underwater Minnow

///Heddon 00 Lure 5 Hook Underwater Minnow

Heddon 00 Lure 5 Hook Underwater Minnow

Heddon 00 Lure

The Heddon 00 Lure is a 5 sided or flat sided underwater minnow fishing lure. The Dowagiac 00 is a wooden, glass eye 5 hook lure which first came in around 1915, making it one of the many classic Heddon antique lures that came out of the teen years and is over a century old. The wooden antique lure measure in at 3 3/4 inches, roughly the same size as the Heddon 150. I’ve seen a few variations of size of this and the 0, as well as some being a bit more refined or slim in stature. The lure was offered in a few different colors, and is a fun one to find in a uncatalogued color. Most of the time these lures are found in this color as well as the white or yellow strawberry spot.

The antique lure shown is lure photo gallery below is in the L Rig hook hardware . While shown below in L Rig, it did however come in cup rig, as well as toilet seat and up turned toilet seat hook hardware variations. The antique Heddon lure used belly weights to sink it below the surface. The Heddon 00 below has marked or scripted front and rear propellers. The Heddon 00 lure did eventually disappear from the catalog and never made it through the 30’s like its round body underwater minnow kin, the Heddon 150 minnow lure.

In one of my early 1920’s catalogs it talks about the 00 minnow: The bait has a flat surface and sharp body line effect and has proven a most successful lure and game fish getter. The hooks are mounted on a distending sharp line running the entire length of the body on either side. Equipped with five string treble hooks and two spinners. Weight 16 pwts Length of Body 3 1/2″. Supplied in the following Colors:

No. 00 – White Body, red and green decorations
No. 001 – Yellow Body, ref and green and black decorations
No. 002 – Red Body with Black Decorations
Price Each .85 cents

Heddon 00 Lure Gallery

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