Gowan Bumble Bug Lure

Gowan Bumble Bug Lure

Gowan Bumble Bug Lure

The Gowan Bumble Bug Lure was first produced in 1949. This antique lure was made by the Gowan Manufacturing Company of Gowan Michigan. Doing research on the company itself there wasn’t anything out there i could put my fingers on. The lure first made of wood transitioned into plastic somewhere around 1951. The lure is roughly 2 1/2″ in length. Also of note there is a smaller size as well. The lure is quite an elaborate fishing lure featuring a large apparatus on the belly. The lure itself looks like guppy fish with the line tie on its body a large downward facing lip to which at the front is a prop. The lure feature two treble hooks to secure its prey when caught. When the Prop spins the apparatus moves back and forth.

The Lure can be found in the following colors

Black, Gold, Silver, White with Red  Head, White with Black Head, Green Frog, Yellow Spotted

Gowan Bumble Bug Lure Photo Gallery

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