Fly Fishing Feature Friday II

//Fly Fishing Feature Friday II

Fly Fishing Feature Friday II

Fly Fishing Feature Friday II

Last week on the inaugural Fly Fishing Feature Friday we dove right in to water with Geofish, a great way to not only get your feet wet, but set your shoes on fire to do something you’ve always wanted, then we satisfied your refined palet and poured you a 3 finger ¬†of Whiskey and Water Episode 5. Albeit to make a big splash we went right in to a group of guys which make anyone working a 9 to 5 grind their teeth in sync with the passage of the 40 hour work week. On Sunday with a sunrise, we pushed the pause button on life, like we did that old cassette deck trying to time the recording of that busy life, with the same click of the finger and a viewfinder instead in order to store it for a future trip. You’ll see a duality or a common purpose, a theme if you might, as this site evolves and lays the history of sport fishing at your feet through the use of photos of antique fishing lures. While at first glimpse you may ask what in common do they share, and I hope that through time the answer unwraps itself like a good mystery novel over the course of its read.

It is again by stepping back that we step forward into another feature which through assimilation takes fly fishing to life’s core, a joke. Declaring your life’s passion is nothing but a joke at first one proclaims. It is there where Henry Harrison’s video’s title at first leads one perception to go in one direction, but its not long to unveil it’s purpose and intent.

Since last week we wet your whistle with Travis Lowe and your mind with the Geofish crew, we will get behind the frontal lobe of one of Geofish and Geobass fly fishers, Jay Johnson. Jay has been involved with providing us the gift of living vicariously through him for some time. And he certainly takes living life for us to the edge. Trying to get underneath the beard, which I think sometimes should have its own name, Jay thanks fly fishing not only for providing today’s passion but for saving his life.

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