Dam Mouse Antique Lure

Dam Mouse Antique Lure

Dam Mouse Antique Lure

The Dam Mouse Antique Lure is a neat little lure. Dam a German fishing tackle company has been around since the late 1800’s in some form. Widely popular with European collectors Dam can kind of be equated to our Abbey and Imbrie. More notably known for their version of spinning reels in America they also made or imported and sold lures as well. Yes they had original products but the also took other products and made them their own by either changing certain features, or painting them in their own fishes. T

This first DAM mouse lure is an example of that. The lure is a Heddon mouse, where by items such as the lip has been changed as well as surface hardware added. The wooden mouse, has beaded eyes, screwed in leather ears and a leather rope inserted for the tail. This antique mouse lure uses two double hooks to secure its catch when caught. The second DAM Mouse lure seems to mimic in construction the Heddon flocked or F4000 series mouse. The same notable differences being the screw in ears and most notably its smaller size.

We have a nice DAM Flocked Mouse in on Consignment this week, click below to view.

Flocked DAM Mouse Lure with Box

If you have lures you would like to sell or consign, please contact me. 

Dam Mouse Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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