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Creek Chub Pop N Dunk Lure

Creek Chub Pop N Dunk Lure

The Creek Chub Pop N Dunk lure was a model series number 6300. This antique fishing lure was first produced by Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana in 1941 and ended in 1954. This wooden in composition, glass eyed fishing lure measures 2 3/4″ in length. At first glance this antique lure is almost exactly the same as the Creek Chub Plunker lure, series 3200. There are small and large differences however the smallest is the mouth being concave is cut on a more vertical axis. The largest difference is the large half moon diving lip that adorns the lower part of the mouth. The antique fishing lure still has a single line tie in the center of the mouth. The lure relies on two treble hooks to catch and retain its prey.

We have a Nice Pike Scale Pop N Dunk in on Consignment this week.

Pike Scale Pop N Dunk Lure

If you have lures to consign or sell please contact me.

The lure was available in 8 different color scheme finishes.

00 Pike Scale (Shown Below)
01 Perch Scale
02 Red and White
05 Dace
18 Silver Flash (Shown Below)
19 Frog
24 Red Wing Black Bird (Shown Below)
25 White Scale

Creek Chub Pop N Dunk Lure Photo Gallery

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