Creek Chub Jointed Striper Pikie Lure

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Creek Chub Jointed Striper Pikie Lure

Creek Chub Jointed Striper Pikie Lure

The Creek Chub Jointed Striper Pikie Lure, Model 6800 came on the scene a lot later compared to the rest of the Pikie lure family, making its introduction in 1950. The antique lure made it almost 3 decades and disappeared with many of the other lures around 1978, This lure is available to collectors and fisherman in both glass and tack eyes. This wooden fishing lure measures 6 1/4″ in length weighing a whopping 3 1/2 oz. The lure having a heavy duty through wire construction attaching the two pieces of the body together as well as its three large treble hooks. The lure was made to focus on the big game fish such as striper, tarpon, musky and other salt and fresh water large game fish.

The Jointed Striper Pikie antique lure can keep you as a collector busy trying to collect its 14 standard colors if trying to get each eye variant in each color. You will find the lure housed in its over-sized box either end labeled or end stamped.

The colors available are:
00 – Pike Scale
01 – Perch Scale (Shown Below)
02 – Red & White
04 – Golden Shiner
07 – Mullet
08 – Rainbow
13 – Solid Black
18 – Silver Flash (Shown Below)
31 – Rainbow Fire
32 – Fire Plug
34 – Blue Flash
35 – Blue Eel
37 – Yellow Flash

Creek Chub Jointed Striper Pikie Lure Photo Gallery

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