Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure

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Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure

Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure

The Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure was first introduced in 1917 and lasted all the way through 1954. This antique fishing lure made by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana was given a model series number 200. This lure is the smaller version of the longer 100 Wiggler and measures in at 2 3/4″ in length. This widely popular lure was the second lure produced by the company.

We have a Silver Sides Baby Wiggler with Hand Painted Gill Marks this week.

Baby Wiggler Antique Lure

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The Baby Wiggler lure is a wooden lure that can be found both with and without glass eyes. You can find it with a single or double line tie, even with a marked or unmarked lip. The standard cup rig hardware can be found on most, however if one looks hard you may be lucky to find a washer rigged on. The lure utilizes two treble hooks like its bigger brother the series 100.

The lure can be found in a dozen standard colors as well as a host of uncatalogued examples produced over its 37 year lifespan.
The 12 Colors that can be found are as follows.

00 Chub Scale
01 Perch Scale
02 Red and White
03 Silver Shiner (Shown Below)
04 Golden Shiner
05 Red Side / Dace
06 Gold Fish (Shown Below)
07 Mullet
09 Green Back
11 Black and White (Shown Below)
12 Red
18 Silver Flash

This Catalog Cut below is from a 1931 Creek Chub Bait Company Catalog.

“Has all the features of our larde No. !00 series bait, except does not run so deep.” Weight 1/2 oz. Shown is No. 205″

Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure

Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure

Creek Chub Baby Wiggler Lure Photo Gallery

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