Creek Chub Baby Wiggle Fish Lure

///Creek Chub Baby Wiggle Fish Lure

Creek Chub Baby Wiggle Fish Lure

Creek Chub Baby Wiggle Fish Lure

The Creek Chub Baby Wiggle Fish Lure was first introduced in 1925. This antique lure made by Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana was a model series number 2500. This wooden antique fishing lure measures 2 1/2″ in length and is a multi segmented lure weighing only a half ounce. This smaller version of the Wiggle Fish series of lures didn’t make it as long as its older full size 2400 series brother. The lure was gone in roughly eight years by 1933.

The lure only ever had glass eyes, and enjoyed the double line tie placed on the top of the forehead of the lure and the diving lip. The antique lure had the typical improved lip of which I’ve found upside down on a few occasions, I’m not sure if that was done to order or just a fisherman’s fancy. The Baby Wiggle Fish used a single treble hook that is attached to the forward segment of the antique lure, to secure its catch. The lure is found with and without a fluted metal tail and traditional cup rigging.

The lure was available in 6 different color patterns:

01 Perch Scale
02 Red and White
03 Silver Shiner
04 Golden Shiner
05 Red Side
18 Silver Flash

Below was taken from a 1931 Creek Chub Catalog, stating:

“With the Same flashy movement as its larger namesake, the Baby Wiggle Fish has but one treble hook-all that is necessary because of the size of the lure and the placing of the hook. And like its big brother, its a wiggling wicked killer of all kinds of game fish.” 


Creek Chub Baby Wiggle Fish Lure 1931 Catalog

Creek Chub Baby Wiggle Fish Lure

Creek Chub Baby Wiggle Fish Lure Photo Gallery Red Side

Creek Chub Baby Wiggle Fish Photo Gallery Golden Shiner

Red & White Baby Wiggle Fish Gallery

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  1. Travis Driver March 10, 2017 at 7:29 am

    The red side scale lure is what they called a wiggle wizard. Same as a baby wiggle fish but a hook instead of a tail

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