Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach

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Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach? What on earth does this have to do with antique fishing lures and just what are you talking about? Every now and then people come and go through our lives for certain reasons, many which are unbeknownst to us at the time. Many of you [...]

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Sunday Sounds

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Sunday Sounds As the weekend accelerates to the finish line, I'm reminded once again its the Journey not the destination that makes the best memories in life. Most kids in the North Texas area and Southern Oklahoma region are out on spring break this week. While most awaking with a electronic devices within arms reach. [...]

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Paul Puckettt F3T Poster Donated for Cast 4 a Cure

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Paul Puckettt F3T Poster Who's to say fishing cant be done for a cause. While we as fisherman undeniably use the outdoors and our passion to often escape from life's reality, sometimes, its where we turn to face it. Paul Puckett is an artist who takes his love for the shutter and turns it into [...]

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