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Lanes Wagtail Wobbler Lure

Lanes Wagtail Wobbler Lure

The Lanes Wagtail Wobbler Lure was first introduced in 1924. This antique fishing lure was fashioned by Charles W. Lane of Madrid, New York. Charles Lane a prominent resident of Madrid was known locally as a fine clock maker and jeweler. The Wag-tail wobbler lure was hand painted in shades of green, silver and brown with scale marks running along the sides to mimic natural scaling. This painted eye lure measures close to 2 3/4″ in length.

The Wagtail featured a scooped front lip over the mouth where the single forward line tie is. The bait was used to entice medium size game fish such as large mouth bass and pike. Its often found with a leader already attached to the line tie. The antique lure features a hinged rear metal tail and two belly hooks secured with a cup rig style hardware to secure its prey. This lure can be found with a few different hardware, color, and body variations.

Charles Lane had already had a successful venture with the Lanes Automatic Minnow and the Lane’s Harness prior to the production of the Wagtail Wobbler antique lure. I’ve often wondered if the books didn’t have the wrong information about the Wagtail Wobbler, and its date of production being almost a dozen years after the Automatic Minnow.

Madrid New York, is a small far north town built upon the Grass River. The Grass River like so many […]

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Kimmich Mouse Antique Lure

Kimmich Mouse Antique Lure

The Kimmich Mouse Antique Lure was first introduced in 1929. This antique fishing lure invented by Harry Kimmich of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Harry (John) Kimmich was not a lure inventor full-time. He owned a tire shop downtown, the “Kimmich Tire Shop.” We see this with a lot of miscellaneous lure makers, while it was in their heart and in their work, it just was hard to make a long time income out of it. Such is the story of many artisans and was also of the Kimmich mouse, as it wouldn’t be around very long, less than a decade.

The Kimmich Special Mouse lure has a wooden head and beaded glass eyes. The back half of the lure was a stacked or died hair as shown with both examples. There was even a version of the mouse that was a hairless wooden mouse lure. The lure had one treble hook attached at the center of the body using a screw eye hanger and the rear hanging from the rear of the bait.  The Kimmich Mouse had a forward line tie and a diving lip.

The Kimmich examples below are both shown in their respective boxes. The lure and box combos are accompanied by the corresponding paperwork stating the feature function and benefits of use of the Kimmich Special Mouse. On one long end flap the box states, “A Mouse Bucktail Bait with real Motion. The Big Fellows Just Cant […]

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Bite-Em Bate Bite-Em Bait Lure

Bite-Em Bate Bite-Em Bait Lure

Its hard to find a antique lure more identifiable than the Bite-Em Bate Bite-Em Bait Lure. Having two locations then fits with the two names you will find associated with Bite-Em Lures. The lures can be found with both spellings of the word Bate & Bate. The first location for the Company was in Warsaw, Indiana and coincides with the 1917 time frame. The other more popular address found is of course the Ft. Wayne, Indiana location circa 1920. The Bite-Em Bait at first glance looks some what simplistic until one holds and examines the lure more.

The Bite Em Bait lure made its appearance around 1917, is made of wood and is a solid one piece construction. Void of any eyes this conical shaped lure is larger at the front and tapering to just a bit bigger the the wire holding it at its slimmest point. The wooden portion of the lure measures roughly 2 7/8″. The widest portion or front face of the lure is not flat or sloping as most antique fishing lures are. The face of the lure is what I would call spiral in shape, and instead of using a propeller uses the groves in it’s face to displace the water and rotate on its shaft.

The wooden plug rests or should I say rotates on a thin wire pin inserted into the hollow center of the lure. Both the front and […]

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Leo Wise Jointed Wobbler Lure

Leo Wise Jointed Wobbler Lure

This is a Leo Wise Jointed Wobbler lure. This a product was made by Leo Wise out of Detroit, Michigan. This antique Leo Wise Lure is a multi segmented fishing lure measuring 4 5/8″ in length. The composition is wood, with the a typical Wise fine Splatter enamel paint finish. The lure has two trailing treble hooks. Both being attached the the rear of the lure by wire loop eyelets that screw into the bait. Off the front segment of the lure is a half painted trailing spinner attached just under the diagonal flat face cut of the Wobbler.

The line tie itself is mounted inset into the front face of the lure as well. The lure has a stationary spinner for the lack of better word an aft keel on the back to improve its wobbling motion. Wise, best know for his mice and frog antique lures is a sought after lure maker should you come across his products. The lure came with a non descriptive box that I was never able to verify if it was or wasn’t original to the antique Leo Wise Wobbler Lure.

Leo Wise Jointed Wobbler Lure Photo Gallery

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AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure

AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure

The AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure is one I dont see very often in Oklahoma. This wooden antique fishing lure has made quite a journey beginning in Canada. The lure was created – invented and patented by August W. Saarimaa. This unique lure dates to the early 1940’s along with its brethren the Muskie Head. Its is written the August began his lure making in Lansing, Ontario. The unique looking wooden lure uses a deep diving lip that is inserted into the mouth of the bait that then flanges outward making almost a 1/4″ rounded wing until it is even with the eyes. This I would think was thought of as a to stabilize the antique fishing lure as it makes its dive.

The Fish Hawk lure uses the strength of the metal diving lip by directly attaching two of its three treble hooks. The rear hook uses a simple screw eye to attach to the rear of the bait. The antique fishing lure continues its construction with the use of Nail Tack eyes, the lure can be found with painted eyes as well. The Fish-Hawk was produced in a host of colors advertising 10 finishes such as:

1 – Silver Flash
2 – Brown Pike
3 – Perch Scale Black Stripe
4 – Yellow Perch Scale
5 – Red & White
6 – Orange & Black
7 – Yellow & Red
8 – Herring Scale (Shown […]

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Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

The Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow is certainly a beauty to behold. It has all the qualities of a classic fishing lure. This wooden antique lure was produced in two different models a 3″, 3 Hook and a 4″ 5 Hook minnow. I was reading a 1904 issue of National Sportsman today and I ran across an add in the back of the magazine for one.

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

All the record catches in Kalamazoo lakes and rivers were made with this minnow in the 1903 season. Hooks guaranteed not to tangle. Fred D. Rhodes, 116 Bush Street Kalamazoo, Michigan

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Ad Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Ad


“Collector Bill Sonnet dug up this great ad from the 1903 Kalamazoo City Directory”

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Lure 1903 Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Lure 1903

Fred D. Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Lure Patent Papers

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Patent Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Patent

SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 777,488, dated December 13, 1904. Application filed Nove ber 2, 1903. Serial No. 179,521. (No model.)

T0 at whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FRED D. Rnonns, a citizen of the United States, residing at the city of Kalamazoo, county of Kalamazoo, State of Michigan, have […]

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Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

The Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure was first introduced in 1955. This novelty type lure was born by the Neon Mickey Company out of Oregon. This plastic fishing lure measures 4″ in length and was available in a few primary colors. The purpose or guise of the Neon Mickey was that when the lure moved it would cause a reaction with the Mercury and Gas inside and make the lure glow. The lure is shaped like most of the traditional style salmon plugs and has two treble hooks to secure its prey.

The lure comes in a plastic clam shell type box that has written on the sides, “Neon Mickey Lights as it Swims”

The paperwork exclaims:

The Deeper it goes the Brighter is Glows!
The Neon Mickey lure was designed for casting or Trolling. It can be used for salt or freshwater fishing. Not just another plug the Neon Mickey actually lights as it swims. To see it light up take it into a dark room and shake. For best results in trolling place the sinker from 3 to 6 feet from the nose of the plug. Depending on weight of sinker depth and trolling speed. Nylon mono-filament is preferred to steel leader. No weights are required for shallow trolling. For casting it is a natural as it floats and pops. This plug is a fish getter if properly used. If you are a moocher […]

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Detroit Bass Caller Lure

Detroit Bass Caller Lure

The Detroit Bass Caller Lure was first introduced in 1939. Made by the Detroit Bait company out of Detroit Michigan kind of looks like an airplane at first glance. This antique wooden lure measure 3 1/2″ inches in length. The lure has a scooped popper type mouth with the front line tie attached to the center. Besides the inserted painted metal rear wings added to the lure, it has a notched out rectangle just aft of the top of the lip adding to its uniqueness. The antique lure has two treble hooks to secure its prey when caught.

The Detroit Bass Caller was available in quite a few wonderfully colored paint patterns. The lure was housed in a black and white striped box stating “Its a Honey of a Lure”, and had a price tag of $1.00 each.

Detroit Bass Caller Lure Photo Gallery

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Mercury Minnow Lure

Mercury Minnow Lure 

This Mercury Minnow Lure Sales Sheet discusses the feature functions and benefits of the Mercury Minnow antique lure. The Mecoy Tackle Company of Grosse Point Michigan introduced this fishing lure in 1949. The Mercury minnow is just that it’s namesake coming from the ball of Mercury that rolls around inside the lure creating a wobble action as the lure is retrieved.

Mercury Minnow
The Red Hot Lure with 4 Way Action

Darts – Dives – Climbs – Wiggles Moving Mercury Does It!

It acts alive!
The constantly shifting weight of the Mercury creates a startling new action. With the Mercury in positions: (A) It Climbs (B) It Darts (C) It Wiggles (D) It climbs and Wiggles (E) It Darts and Dives Patent Pending

Check These Features
More Action over the Counter – You have something to sell – A New Principle – Using moving Mercury to create a Life-like, 4 way action on every retrieve. No other lure has it.

More Sales Appeal – A quality lure made of Tenite II – Will not chip, peel, or water log. Individually boxed in a colorful display carton. Fully Guaranteed.

More Profit – Retailing at $1.50 the Mercury Minnow at standard discount allows greater margin of profit – and it is easy to sell.

Two Popular Sizes – Model 10 5/8 oz. Standard casting and trolling size.
Model 20 3/8 oz. Spinning, […]

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Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure

Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure

This is a super Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure dealer sheet introducing this new and unique lure. The sheet exclaims its a new lure, and is stamped, Nov 3 1953. This plastic jointed lure a really a unique piece and would be fun to collect a complete color set.

Presenting the new and Unique
Whopper Stopper Lizard Lure

For the first time in the history of artificial lures a precision plastic fraud has captured the remarkable life-like reality and writhing fluid action of a live bait. The eastern spring lizard of the Great Smokey Mountain region. For decades this little creature has been highly prized by anglers as a most effective live bait, it’s irresistible swimming action tantalizes the most stubborn bass into striking.

The Spring Lizard has been the doom of many prize bass, large and small-mouth as well as other species of game fish, fresh and salt water. The spring lizard is an interesting and shy little creature, although snake like in appearance he is harmless, living in and around the beautiful fern like moss and vegetation of cold clear mountain springs and branches he is considered by thousands of anglers as the most effective of all live bait. Recognizing the tremendous fish catching possibility of an artificial reproduction of the spring lizard, Jim Gasque, nationally known authority on fishing, author-sportsman and special representatives of Whopper Stopper baits, combined his creative […]

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Winnie Stump Dodger Lure

Winnie Stump Dodger Lure

The Winnie Stump Dodger Lure was born in Traverse City, Michigan. Albert Winnie received his patent for the Stump Dodger Lure in 1915. While the patent dates to 1915 his lures were being created earlier. It is no surprise that Traverse City would be home to a great lure maker. The city is situated on two separate arms or Bays of the Great Lake Michigan. The East Arm and West Arm of Grand Traverse bay are right at the front door of Alert (Bert) Winnie. While most notably known for its 360 Million pounds of Cherrys the area produces each year, we lure collectors are thankful for Bert’s Contributions to our hobby.

This wooden antique fishing lure, the Michigan Stump Dodger has a larger more bulb type head and tapers down until it reaches its tail. The head and front of the lure are where the Stump Dodger and it’s unique double diving lipped lure gain its personality. Affixed to the top diving lip is its single forward line tie. Inset into the head of the lure are it’s tell tale unique tack and brass washer eyes, however the lure can also be found with no eyes. The lure itself uses two simple screw eyes to hold its two treble hooks.

Winnie Stump Dodger Lure Patent Gallery

The Stump Dodger came in at least 3 different sizes, the lure highlighted here is the standard […]

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Shur Strike Underwater Minnow Lure

Shur Strike Underwater Minnow Lure

The Shur Strike Underwater Minnow Lure is Circa late 1930’s. The three hook underwater antique lure was not a cataloged option and is highly sought after. This wooden, glass eyed, antique minnow measures 3 1/8″ in length. The lure was produced with only a single floppy prop, unlike the Heddon 3 Hook 100 lure.

The lure is shown in a very desirable Frog Spot Color making it even more collectible. The Shur Strike Underwater minnow lure uses a cup and screw eye rigging for its side hooks and the rear treble is affixed to the rear screw eye. You will notice a small cap at the rear of the lure that the rear screw is inserted through for reinforcement. I point that out to preface what Ill state below that Shur Strike was not built by Creek Chub like most “Economy” line lures. 

Born in the early 1930’s, the Shur Strike line of lures was introduced by fishing lure industry giant Creek Chub. Creek Chub, while late to the game in this area, wanted to increase it’s already massive market share of the American Fishing lure industry. While many of the other larger makers such as Heddon, Pflueger and Shakespeare had for decades, produced similar less expensive line ups Creek Chub had yet to come to the table.

Surviving, thriving and trying to increase its market share the great depression was no easy […]

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Oliver Gruber GloWurm Antique Fishing Lure

Oliver Gruber Glo Worm Antique Fishing Lure

The Oliver Gruber GloWurm Antique Fishing Lure is quite an interesting story. Over the last few years I’ve touched on a few of the lure makers that thought outside the box. Alfred Oliver and James Gruber thought inside the box, so to speak.

As the Story is Told;

“On May 16, 1918, Alfred Oliver and James Gruber filed a patent for the first triple jointed lure. This patent was granted November 23, 1920. Oliver and Gruber immediately went into production of the lure they decided to call The Glowurm Lure. It was advertised nationally in Outdoor Life magazine, with ads appearing from 1921 through 1923.

Construction & painting had to be simple because these lures were being manufactured by patients at a Medical Lake, Washington Psychiatric Center (near Spokane). Yes, the mental patients of the hospital were turning out the wooden bodies and painting the Glowurm as therapy!

Oliver and Gruber worked at the hospital and also were avid bass fishermen. They saw the chance to help the patients with therapy, AND to help finance their fishing hobby with some cash from the sales of their lure invention. The only problem came when the directors of the hospital discovered the lures were being sold nationally and the hospital wasn’t sharing in on the profits!

The Medical Lake Hospital Board of Directors delivered an ultimatum to the doctor/entrepreneurs; cease and desist with the production of the […]

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Clinton Little Wonder Lure

Clinton Little Wonder Lure

The Clinton Little Wonder Lure is one of my favorites. This “Barber Pole” style lure was made by The Clinton Wilt Manufacturing Company out of Springfield Missouri. While patented in 1913, I believe the antique lure to have been around a few years preceding it based on the magazine articles available. This wooden lure measures 3 1/4″ in length. This antique fishing lure is made with a wire through construction. The lure features a three blade tail spinner which allows the body of the lure to rotate while the front spinner rotates in the opposite direction. There is a weighted keel which balances the lure and keeps it from twisting up the line upon retrieval.

The Clinton Little Wonder antique lure used both the 70’s and 80’s series of numbers to define its coloring scheme. Available in 8 different colors, the same as its larger brother the Clinton Wilt Champion.

No 71 White red stripe
No 73 Orange red stripe
No 76 Gold red stripe
No 77 White green stripe
No 79 Orange green
No 81 Gold green stripe
No 83 Red green stripe
No 86 Oreen orange stripe

Clinton Little Wonder Lure Photo Gallery

Clinton Little Wonder Patent Information

Clinton Wilt Little Winder Lure Clinton Wilt Little Winder Lure

The Greatest Baits […]

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Tempter Frog Antique Lure

Tempter Frog Antique Lure

The Tempter Frog Antique Lure is always a fun lure to find. The antique fly eater was made around 1930 and comes from a place we don’t see a lot of lure manufacturers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its namesake being the name of the company, The Tempter Bait Company located at 707 Forbes Street. This frog type fishing lure is made of a rubber composite. Using a cloth type material the Tempter Frog has jointed legs which bend to run parallel to the rear hook. The antique lure has a single forward line tie that also has weedless whiskers, for the lack of a better term protruding from the line tie. The frog lure has a forward downward facing single hook inset into the belly of the lure. From between the legs you will find it has a larger longer single upward facing hook. The large rear hook is also protected by the whiskers to help with its weedless properties.

The Tempter is a hand painted fishing lure giving it a classic look for any antique lure collector to enjoy. Whether you specialize or focus just on collecting frog lures or have a miscellaneous collection of all the Tempter will fit in nicely. This musky or large bass versions measures in at 4″ in length. While the Tempter Frog can be found in a smaller Fly Fishing or Spinning size at 2 1/4″ in size. If you r lucky enough to […]

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SJ Meyer Manhattan Lure

SJ Meyer Manhattan Lure

The SJ Meyer Manhattan Lure is one of those antique fishing lures we haven’t found too much information about. There is an estimated 10 year time frame that this lure is being attributed to 1910-1920. This antique fishing lure made of wood is typical of the rotary head style of lures we attribute to makers such as Ans B Decker. Where by the front section of this 2 piece lure rotates upon retrieval. The Manhattan has the rounded prop very similar to Decker’s.

The Manhattan fishing lure has been found with two different and distinctive hooks hardware retainers or rigs. The earliest is thought to have been the staple rigged, and the later such as the antique lure shown in the Gallery below uses a screw eye and cup combination. The lure has also been found with a keel attached to the lower or back half of the lure. The lures have been found with both single hooks and the use of treble hooks.

There are 3 sizes to the Manhattan antique lures, all being housed in a somewhat similar style box. The Number 1 measuring in at 2 3/4″ the 2 measures 3 1/4″ and the size 3 measures 3 3/4″ in length.

The 5 colors available were:
White Body with Red Head
Yellow with Gold Spots (Shown in Gallery Below)

Long time collector Bill Sonnet adds: “The name “Manhatten” is the trade name for […]

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Shur Strike Flat Face Lure

Shur Strike Flat Face Lure

The Shur Strike Flat Face Lure is a uncatalogued lure. Made by Creek Chub of Garrett, Indiana but sold under the Shur Strike line up this lure is similar to the G or Slope Nose. This antique fishing lure is wooden, with no eyes, and is cigar in shape with a wooden collar. This antique minnow measures 3 3/4″ in length. The Flat Face has two treble hooks, the most forward is secured with a cup rig and the rear with screw eye. The antique fishing lure has a single forward line tie in the center of the face of the lure.

You’ll note that both the front line tie, and the rear screw eye, both employ the use a washer. As I expressed in the Shur Strike company history in the Underwater Minnow Lure post the other day. Shur Strike was meant to be a cheaper line, but in truth it didn’t accomplish this or sacrifice the quality of the antique fishing lure in its operations.

The top water fished Lure is painted in a 1YP Color, which is a Yellow Perch. This model was made early on in the Shur Strike time frame and was only for only a couple years at most.

Shur Strike Flat Face Lure Photo Gallery

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Hoptacong Perch Minnow Antique Lure

Hoptacong Perch Minnow Antique Lure

The Hoptacong Perch Minnow Antique Lure date to around 1905. The lure distributed and made by the William Mills and Sons Company of New York, New York. While advertised to be a combined 6 inches in length, the lure itself was 3 inches in length. Mounted to the shaft were a unique set of horizontal front and rear propellers. The antique Hoptacong minnow featured tiny glass eyes and a trace leader behind the front prop that held two single shank hooks. The lure also held a single hook behind the rear horizontal prop. The 6 inch lure shaft held clear glass beads in front of and behind each prop, and was made of a wire though construction.

The antique fishing lure has always had an allure of itself on me, and I’ve always been fascinated by it. It employs an almost seductive 19th Century Phantom and English made characteristics, while using the underwater minnow characteristics we see in the minnows of the pre-teens. Offering both a Floating and a Sinking model to accommodate both types of fishing.

William Mills Hoptacong Perch Minnow Lure Ad 1909

Floating Perch 6 Inches long over all, with either single or treble hooks $1.00

Floating Perch 6 Inches long over all, with either single or treble hooks $1.00

William Mills Hoptacong Perch Minnow Lure Ad 1909 William Mills Hoptacong Perch […]

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Curv A Lure Vintage Fishing Lure

Curv A Lure Vintage Fishing Lure

The Curv A Lure Vintage Fishing Lure is reported as being first introduced to the fishing world sometime in 1950, its patent shows it was applied for in 1946. Shown below, the patent was finally granted in January of 1951 almost 6 years later (Must have had a pretty good back log) and was gone from production in less time than it took for its patent to be granted. Robert A LaFluer of Ferndale, Michigan its inventor sought to produce a lure ranging in size from a Fly Fishing lure all the way through the muskie fishing size. However, with its short production run we can surmise it never quite lived up to the fishing communities response of them. Finding this great little Miscellaneous lure is actually quite tough, tougher than its collector value assigned would indicate.

The Curv A Lure was only produced 2 Sizes although the intent was far more. As far as a color pallet it was available in roughly a half a dozen different colors. From Silver Spotted, to Rainbow, to the Orange with Black Stripe shown below in the gallery, trying to find these half a dozen colors and their corresponding boxes can actually be quite a challenge.

Patent 2536553 Made a Few Distinct Claims that coincide with its Namesake.

1. A fishing lure comprising an elongated body having a concave lower surface, a convexed upper surface, a concaved side surface and a […]

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Shurebite Frog Lure

Shurebite Frog Lure

This Shurebite Frog Lure is the later in the series of Frogs created by Shuebite. Hopping into the picture around 1948 this version upgrade changes its makeup from sponge and wood to what we see here using tenite. Located in 1948 in Bronson Michigan the Surebite antique lure company making its move from Kokomo, Indiana. This plastic lure measures 3″ in length and has a plastic lip inserted into the front of the lure with it’s single line tie which has three different options. The lure maintains its use of the thin rubber legs dangling from the rear of the body. This Surebite fly eat uses a single downward facing hook mounted into the underside which is protected from the weeds by the typical metal tines.

The lure was only ever offered in the green frog color shown. This lure would come housed in the traditional burnt orange colored lure box labeled frog on the top half of the box. The second frog shown in the gallery below is the one who patent was applied for in May of 1941 and granted in October of 1942. The lure is made with a wood top and a sponge bottom, as you can see the one in the gallery below the sponge has deteriorated. It also gives us a view into the Type II box and wording used.

“If its a Shurebite It’s Good”

This box contains one […]

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Roller Flasher Antique Lure

Roller Flasher Antique Lure

The Roller Flasher Antique Lure was fist introduced in 1949. This lure was made by the B & J Tackle Company of Detroit Michigan. This antique lure measures 2 1/2″ in length. The lure has painted eyes and the bottom of the lure is thinner than the top. The lure has a single forward line tie and diving lip which is inset back into the lure.

The bottom thinner section of the antique lure has a metal strip on the sides adding flash appeal in the water. The brown withe red lettering box states it’s “The Plug with the flash of a spoon”. The top section is a traditional painted eye lure which was available in different colors. The lure has two treble hooks to secure its catch, the middle it attached via a washer screw eye. The first example in the gallery below is housed in a wonderful condition lure box, the second showing a variation in color.

Roller Flasher Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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Shur Strike Small Dude Lure

Shur Strike Small Dude Lure

The Shur Strike Small Dude Lure was first released around 1941. The Creek Chub Bait Company under the Shur Strike Bait Companies name in Garrett Indiana produced this small wooden lure measuring just a hair over 1 3/4″ in length. With a name like “Small Dude” you know it has to be a cool lure, how could it not. This wooden lure given the Model Number “SD” was only was made for a short time in the lure line up, but had a good representation while it lasted.

The fishing lure only ever had painted eyes unlike like many other of the Shur Shrike Companies lures. This was due in part to its later arrival when most companies were making the transition as to painted tack or painted eyes. The Small Dude is similar to the Paw Paw Punkinseed or the Shur Strike Petite Spinner in shape, a short rounded lure with two smaller trebles connected via an eye screw and a single centered belly weight. The lure had a standard rounded diving lip mounted just under the mid line of the face of the bait, to which atop rests the antique lure’s single line tie.

Noteworthy, while the Small Dude antique fishing lure while shorter lived, it was however available in a litany of color finishes. These colors ranging from the standard Yellow Perch and Red & White’s to some super colors like Goldfish and Strawberry Spotted and […]

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Wright McGill Mouse Lure

Wright McGill Mouse Lure

The Wright McGill Mouse Lure was introduced with a host of other life-like lures around 1930. The Swimming Mouse antique fishing lure was made by The Wright and McGill Company, out of Denver Colorado. The lure was available in a 2 different sizes, the size shown in the gallery being the smallest bass sized version. The Mouse was made from the traditional molded rubber composition that most all its other life like type series of lures were made.

This smallish antique lure has its line tie at the nose, letting it swim or give a life like action in the water. The fishing lure came in detail, with whiskers and a tail. This lure is in super condition compared to most you will find, as rubber, use and age dont mix well.

Wright McGill Mouse Lure Photo Gallery

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Pfeiffer Minnow Tube

Pfeiffer Minnow Tube

This Rare Pfeiffer Minnow Tube lure is a different class of lure compared to the many seen on this page. This great lure is made from glass instead of usual wood, plastic or metal materials we’ve come to know. This glass test tube shaped lure was made by the Pfeiffer’s Live Bait Company out of Detroit Michigan. This antique fishing lure dates from between 1914-1916, making it Over 100 years old. This lure features 4 treble hooks 2 on each side and measures 3 1/2″ in length.

Striking resemblance is seen between this and the Detroit Minnow tube. It should come as no surprise when you find out both companies operated during the same time from the same city. The minnow tubes were not a very practical or ECO friendly lure especially when dropped on the shore or rolling around in a tackle box.While the two ads below are similar youll notice an address change.

1914 Pfeiffer Live Bait Holder Ad

Pfeiffer’s Bait Gets The Big Ones

Pfeiffer’s is the origional bait of its kind on the market today. It Protects the minnow and lures the big fellows as no other bait can. None genuine unless Pfeiffer’s name is on the stopper. Three sizes: Trout and Small Bass, $.75; Bass and Pike, $1.00; Muscallonge, $1.50.

1914 Pfeiffer Live Bait Holder Company Ad 1914 Pfeiffer Live Bait Holder Company Ad […]

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Shurbite Shedevil Lure

Shurbite Shedevil Lure

The Shurbite Shedevil Lure was introduced in the 1930’s. This plastic lure was made by the Shurbite Bait Company out of Bronson Michigan. The company would also move and or have locations in Kokomo, Indiana and Lorain, Ohio. This nondescript odd shaped plastic lure measures 4″ in length. The antique lure has two trebles by which the catch is secured.

I didnt know until doing research on this that the lure was available in an astonishing amount of colors, 18 to be exact. Most of what Ive come across is the plain of solid colors. This lure shown in the gallery is in whats called Frog Spot. Obviously there is some interpretation involved.

Shurbite Shedevil Lure Photo Gallery

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Bug N Bass Antique Lure

Bug N Bass Antique Lure

The Bug N Bass Antique Lure dates to around 1963. The Bug N Bass antique lure a product of the Buckeye Bait Company of Miamisburg, Ohio, later in Council Grove, Kansas. The Bug N Bass was not the only lure made by the buckeye Bait COmpany. The lure itself is roughly 3 inches in length. This hardened plastic fishing lure is chasing a bug or a fly. So the bad pun for the evening is this bass or fly fishing. Again I apologize for my bad sense of humor. Like we have seen on previous lures using the fish chasing its dinner to catch a fish. The Bug N Bass has two treble hooks in which it will catch its prey. The front one uses a surface type hardware and the back uses the screw eye.

The lure has around 16 standard colors you can collect. This is also the larger of the two Bug N Bass lures. There are a few uncataloged colors floating around as well if your looking to make a collection of them. The antique fishing lure shown in the gallery below is a Rainbow Trout color, and is shown with its correct box and paperwork.

Bug N Bass Antique Lure Photo Gallery


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Shur Strike Petite Spinner Lure

Shur Strike Petite Spinner Lure

This Shur Strike Petite Spinner Lure was made roughly around 1941. The Shur Strike Series of lures were Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana’s cheaper line up of lures. The Petite Spinner, Pumpkin Seed series were also referred to as the PS series. This antique lure was made from wood and measured 1 3/4″ in length. The PS was available in a few different configurations, the one shown below has a forward line tie two unmarked propellers. The PS lure had two treble hooks to secure its catch the center one held on with cup rig.

The lure was available in a host of different colors.
0 Pike Scale
01 Yellow Perch Scale (Shown in the Gallery Below)
02 White & Red
05 Red Side Scale (Shown Below)
06 Shiner Scale
08 Rainbow
14 Chain Perch Scale
18 Silver Flitter
19 Frog
41 Blue Back
42 Goldfish
43 Strawberry

Shur Strike Petite Spinner Lure Photo Gallery

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Biff Go Devil Lure

Biff Go Devil Lure

The Biff Go Devil Lure is a single section self proclaimed Weedless, Surface and a piece of Light Tackle. The Go-Devil was patented in December 22, 1925 and is shown in one of the 2 available colors, the other being a molted green. The antique fishing lure was only a 1″ section of cork riding on a metal plate that has the name stamped into the side, that circled upon retrieval. It was faceted on a spinner frame and a single small trailing treble hook. 

As shown in the photo the lure comes with the correct box marked Number 881 red and white and antique lure paperwork. The box notes it will fool even the college bred fish on the front and on one off the end flaps states “Try our Whoopee Biff Plug”. The antique lure was made by the Biff Bait company out of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Biff Go-Devil Lure Gallery

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Comstock Flying Helgramite Lure

Comstock Flying Helgramite Lure

The Comstock Flying Helgramite Lure was made by Harry Comstock, Fulton, New York. Circa 1883. This is considered one of if not the first glass eyed antique fishing lures produced. The inventor Harry Comstock was not only a lure maker but at the time a noted gun enthusiast, salesman, inventor and designer and world traveler from Fulton Ny.

The Comstock flying Hellgramite embodies not only the future or what the artificial minnow or lure would evolve from, but also has ties and roots in a common insect that was used in Fly Fishing. Matching the hatch is a term used in Fly Fish where one analyzes his or her surroundings and the entomology available (Bugs) and tries to match nature with fly. The Dobson fly in its Larvae stages is called a Hellgrammite, and is a water dwelling insect which ferociously fees on its predators.

However, what I find interesting is that the lure itself resembles the Dobsonfly an not namesake. Also noted for its nocturnal feeding habits, the Dobsonfly had 2″ wings which folded down its back. Interesting enough by themselves, Harry’s eccentricity, combined with his travels to China as a gun salesman, his noted efforts as a inventor of guns, and yet we only ever would see this one fishing lure come from this worldly thinker.

The Enterprise Manufacturing Co., Pflueger, would eventually take over this fishing lure from 1883-85 still calling it the Flying Hellgramite, while […]

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Bomber Knothead Lure

Bomber Knothead Lure

The Bomber Knothead Lure was first produced around 1948 and this larger version given a Model number 1300. The Bomber Bait Company of Gainsville Texas produced this line of lures for roughly only 3 years making them harder to come by than the average Bomber lure. The Knothead lure was the companies top water popping bait and was available in two sizes. This painted eye lure the largest of the two measures 3 3/8″ in length. The antique fishing lure has two trebles to secure its catch. The lure has a single line tie in the center of its red paint mouth, very similar to Heddon’s Chugger Lure.

Bomber Knothead Photo Gallery

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Bottom Scratcher Lure Color Chart

Bottom Scratcher Lure Color Chart

This Bottom Scratcher Lure Color Chart give us a cool look at the sale sheet for a uniquely named antique fishing lure. The Bottom Scratcher came out in around 1950 and helps us date the piece, as it talks about the “New” bait.

Bottom Scratcher

A New, Deep Diving Bait Designed by L.D. “Pop” Adam

Here’s a great line of baits that will set new sales records as well as new fishing record!

There is just no other diving bait like the Bottom Scratcher! It goes down 6-8 feet on regular reeling speed….actually to 30 feet on ordinary trolling speed! And it’s got a nasty wiggle all the way up and down. 

Bottom Scratcher is plastic, weighs 9/16 oz. The six color patterns, as shown above, were chosen from years of fishing experience.

Models: 100-RW (Red and White), 101-SA (Spotted Ape), 102-YR (Yellow & Red), 103-BW (Black & White), 104-BR (Black & Red), 105-GS (Green Scale). List $1.25


Bottom Scratcher Lure Color Chart Bottom Scratcher Lure Color Chart


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Paul Bunyan Lure Counter Display

Paul Bunyan Lure Counter Display

This is a neat Paul Bunyan Lure Counter Display unit. This counter merchandising display dates to the 1940’s or early 1950’s. I also was pleasantly surprised to see they made and sold a combo whistle, I had no idea they ever sold these. If anyone owns one of these tore displays and wants to take a picture that I could add to the article I would welcome it.

Paul Bunyan’s De Luxe Display Cabinet

1 doz.  66     Bunyan “66”   @ $1.00

6 only 2800 Flash Eye Weedless @ $.90
6 only 2500 Flasheye Regular @ $.75
6 only 2300 Ruby Spoon @ $.75
1 doz 1900 Weaver, Regular @ $1.00
6 only 1950 Weaver, Deep @ $1.00
1 doz 2100 Artful Dodger @ $.40
1 doz 110N Pike Spinner @ $.25
1 doz 110S Pike Spinner @ $.25
1 doz 111N 30 in Flasho Long Leader @ $.35
1 doz 111S 30 in Flasho Long Leader @ $.35
2 doz 33 Flasho Spinner @$.15
6 doz 6-in Steel Casting and Trolling Leader @ $.10
6 doz 6-in Steel Casting and Trolling Leader, 2 for $.25
1 doz 7000 Presto Sinker Set @ $.50
2 doz 2000 Fish Scaler @ $.10
1 doz 6000 Torpedo Float @ $.35

Here is Paul Bunyan’s outstanding Merchandising Unit, specially desiged and constructed for the dealer or operator who is limited to space, yet still desires to […]

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Chautauqua Trolling Minnow

Chautauqua Trolling Minnow

The Chautauqua Trolling Minnow although looking the part is not a pre 1900’s lure. Ive grouped it in there, as if to suggest while in truth it was made in 1909, if fits better with it the Pre 1900 friends made by Chapman, Buel, Mann Loftie and the slew of others. This stamped metal lure is one of the top lures in many miscellaneous or New York themed collections. The Lure Produced in Jamestown, NY had gill marks, eyes and fins stamped into its suit of armor. This classic lure only measures a mere 3 1/2″ in length not including the leader. While I stated earlier it fit more into the 19th Century I say that as its also a mechanical spring hook. The two string wrapped side single hooks are tucked inside the tail, until a fish strikes at which time the hooks are released into the sides of mouth of its prey.

Chautauqua Trolling Minnow

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Kumm Fish Spotter Lure

Kumm Fish Spotter Lure

The Kumm Fish Spotter Lure was first introduced around 1933 when the patent was applied for. The patent wasnt granted to Arthur J Kumm of Dearborn Michigan until 1935. This first version wooden lure measures 2 7/8″ in length.The antique lure has very small glass eyes inset into the head or front half of the lure. The rear half of the lure is actually the lure that revolves upon retrieval. The inset metal wings on the rear half of the lure make it the revolving part. The antique fishing lure only has a single feather dress treble hook that is attached at the rear of the lure. The Kumms Fish spotter has a single forward line tie attached to the faceted eye screw inset into the nose.

The Fish Spotter lure would evolve over time and morph into 2 more or different versions. These other versions would be made of plastic and retain the same general length. I’ve only ever seen the white spotted or strawberry as well as the frog color, both of which are shown below in the photo gallery, and I’m not sure if there are other colors. The lure came in a plain type box with the picture of the Fish Spotter lure and the Makers Name and address. The antique lure box for the Kumm fishing lure is very hard to find.

Kumm Fish Spotter Lure Photo Gallery


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Paul Bunyan Mouse Lure

Paul Bunyan Mouse Lure

The Paul Bunyan Mouse lure was first introduced in the late 1940’s. Made and brought to market by the Paul Bunyan Bait Company out of Minneapolis Minnesota. This antique lure is akin to the Lady Bug type series, the mouse, is a plastic (Tenite) flat top water fished lure is a model series 1400. There were different sizes available as well as colors and flocked and non flocked finishes throughout its production cycle. The lure having plastic molded eyes, and a dorsal type ridge running fore and aft on the antique lure. As an added bit of realism some models had a trailing cord tail. This “Musky” 4″ inch version shown below, is made in a straight plastic/tenite construction, with a single trailing treble hook to secure its prey when caught. The lure is in a black scale type color pattern.

Paul Bunyan Mouse Lure Catalog Cut:

No 1400 Mouse

Here’s a unique surface lure made of tenite and finished with “fuzzy flock” to give it the exact appearance of a swimming mouse. A perfect lure for surface fishing. Recommended for Bass, Pike, Pickerel and other fresh water species.

Paul Bunyan Mouse Catalog Cut Paul Bunyan Mouse Catalog Cut

Paul Bunyan Mouse Catalog Cut Paul Bunyan Mouse Catalog Cut


Paul Bunyan Mouse Lure Photo Gallery

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Eger Junior Dillinger Lure

Eger Junior Dillinger Lure

The Eger Junior Dillinger Lure is part of a series of lures at the heart of the Eger antique fishing lure center. The Dillinger Junior lure is a model series 200. The lure first entered the market in 1941. It’s hard to think of Eger without thinking Dillinger in the same thought. I sometimes equate the as the Dillinger is to Eger, the Pikie is to the Creek Chub Bait Company. The Junior is a painted eye, wooden model that measure 3 3/8″ in length and has the shape of a tapering body shape. The lure like its older brothers has both a front and rear prop, utilizes screw eye rig to secure its belly hook and rear trailing treble. The antique fishing lure contains a single belly weight just forward of the belly hook to help it reach the depths of its prey.

The Dillinger is a fun lure to collect as there are many different sizes, colors and hardware variations to hunt down along the way. One of the toughest you will find for the standard colors is the Christmas Tree (Code 13) pattern shown below in the gallery. Not only is it in my opinion one of the toughest to find its also the best looking color. You can take a run through current and past auctions and you wont find this color on any Eger lure, let alone one in its correct box.

The 1951 catalog […]

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Clark Popper Scout Darter Lure Chart

Clark Popper Scout Darter Lure Chart

This Clark Popper Scout Darter Lure Chart coinsides with the Water Scout, Little Eddie and Streamline posted yesterday. Giving us another look at a few lure models.

Clark’s Popper Scout Clark’s Darter Scout

Whichever series of Clark’s lures you choose, they are yours for better fishing. They are designed from years of experience, and produced from the finest materials available. With a choice of nine series to choose from, there is certainly a lure for every type fishing under any condition. Clark’s lures are definitely not just another gadget, as each series has been thoroughly tried tested and proven before being offered to you, the fisherman. For these and many other time tested reasons we maintain, we offer you “A Better Bait For Better Fishing.”

Clark Popper Scout Lure Chart Clark Popper Scout Lure Chart

Clark’s Popper Scout Lure

Developed for those times when the big ones are striking on the surface. Clark’s Popper Scout is excelled by any top water lure for day or night fishing. It is balanced perfectly, resting in the water in an upright position, the deep cupped head responds to the slightest twitch of the rod tip.

Clark Darter Scout Lure

Clark Darter Scout Lure

Clark Darter Scout Lure

An Excellent lure for surface or underwater fishing as it floats when at rest […]

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Clark Water Scout Lure Chart

Clark Water Scout Lure Chart

This Clark Water Scout Lure Chart gives us a birds eye view into the lures features, functions and color palates. I wish there was a date on these dealer sheets but I would assume based on the other paperwork that is with them that we are in the 1950’s.

For excelled quality and performance in deep running lures these series were designed. Both have tremendous action at great depth, even on slow retrieve. Here again is an example of where 26 years of doing one thing on doing it well, gives you a better bait for fishing.

Water Scout Duckling Lure Water Scout Duckling Lure

500 Series
Water Scout Duckling

An ideal series for those who prefer light tackle, yet want a deep running lure. It has great action at any speed. Excellent for trolling. A sinking lure, for all game fish.

Water Scout Duck Bill Lure Water Scout Duck Bill Lure

600 Series
Water Scout Duck Bill

Another deep Running lure with that Clark balanced action, floats when not in motion, but will reach extremely deep on retrieve.

Clark Little Eddie Water Scout Clark Little Eddie Water Scout

Little Eddie Water Scout

For the light tackle enthusiast, the 1000, and 2000 series are ideal lures. Light Weight, yet cast like a […]

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Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Here is a great Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet that I found among some other early Miscellaneous fishing lure dealer sheets. By Looking at the classic baits we know its early, unfortunately, there is no date stamped on this one like some of the others. I would bet this would be late 1940’s early 1950’s as that is the date ranges we see some of the lure such as the Stud Duck and My Pet appear.

Also included is a copy of the original Box and paperwork for the Top and Bottom.

Smithwick Top n Bottom Box Cover and Paperwork

Top N Bottom

The All season Lure

For Bass, Muskie, and Pike

This is an unreal lure for surface, popping and below surface fishing. The design of this lure is such that it can be handled just as effective by the novice as it can by the Expert. There is no certain speed required to give the lure action.

For Surface

Such as over mossed, edge of lily pads, and in water below one foot depth. Retrieve the lure very slowly. The proper speed is just enough that you can see the water ripple on the surface caused by the tail action of the lure.

For Popping

A quick backward movement of the rod will cause the lure to run deep on approximately 45 degree angle. Return the rod forward allowing […]

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Pico Lure Sales Sheet

Pico Lure Sales Sheet

This Pico Lure Sales Sheet dates to the January of 1952. The antique lure sales sheet contains a half dozen different lures in the assorted colors they were available in. Of historical note, you will see the PO Box address change, from 1194 to 5366 for those who may be  tracing and tracking when the company was where at what time frame.

Pico Presents 6 Proven Lures
8 Color Combinations

Color Chart

1. Red Head, White Body
2. Golden Shiner
3. Blue Eyed Pearl
4. Perch Scale
5. Mullet Scale
6. Rainbow
7. Silver Flash Shad
8. Frog Finish

Padre Island Co.
Box 5366
Corpus Christi, Texas

Proven Lures                                                                            Nationally Desired

Pico Perch Lure Sheet Pico Perch Lure Sheet

Pico Perch Lure

Here is the surface swimmer with the willing wiggle. Made in everlasting plastic and built for a straight retrieve, the Perch is a proven killer for Bass, Northern Steel-heads, Walleyes, Crappie, […]

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Barracuda Brand Antique Lure Line Up

Barracuda Brand Antique Lure Line Up

This Barracuda Brand Antique Lure Line Up sheet was part of a catalog sent out to tackle dealers in the 1950’s. The sheet focuses on 12 of its current fishing lure line up and explains to dealers the features, functions, and benefits and packaging of each antique lure. I unfortunately don’t have the entire catalog showing the color palate.

King Cuda Lure King Cuda Lure

King Cuda

A large husky built lure that catches and holds Tarpon, kingfish, musky and other large fish. Has rod running thru center to secure hooks. Retrieves under the surface. Can be furnished in colors shown on chart, Individually Boxed.

Length 6″ Weight 1 1/2oz. Price Per Dozen $21.00

Florida Shiner Lure Florida Shiner Lure

Florida Shiner

A New Bass lure with a real fish appeal. Has design and color to resemble a shiner minnow. Finished with a beautiful gold scale or silver scale finish. Put up 12 on a colorful display card, or in attractive individual plastic boxes.

Large Size 3 3/4 Long 3 Sets of Treble Hooks; Price Per Dozen $15.00

Baby Size 2 3/4″ long, 2 Sets of Treble Hooks: Price Per Dozen $15.00

Florida Shad Lure Florida Shad Lure

Florida Shad

A Slim flat sided lure […]

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Buckeye Bait Mad Minno Lure Color Guide

Buckeye Bait Mad Minno Lure Color Guide

This Buckeye Bait Mad Minno Lure Color Guide give us a an example by color Salesman or Dealer Sheet. Fining out what colors certain lures come in not only help us collectors by giving us a color guide to go by, but can help when trying to find or match the correct antique lure box. The Buckeye Bait Company was originally located in Ohio thus its namesake, (Buckeye) however later on was bought out and moved to Council Grove, Kansas.

The Mad Minno lure was very similar to the Aqua Sonic Swimming Minnow and of Course the Fisherman and collector favorite Pico Perch. Using the small Chevron or V located on the bottom chin of the lure on both the left and right side we can quickly identify an often misidentified lure. And I must admit, I’m guilty of this mis-identification of this vibrating antique fishing lure myself.

The Mad Minnow the Buckeye Bait Corp touts it’s 1/3 oz. Lure for Spinning , Casting and Trolling: “Knocks out all types of Bass, Pike, Pickerel, Perch, Crappie, Musky, Channel Cat, Walleye Trout and Saltwater fish. The lure came in 12 standard colors and 12 colors in what it deems the “Flash Patterns”.

Buckeye Lures are scientifically designed and constructed by true fishermen – they will produce many fine catches for you! And, they will run as shallow or as deep as you require depending on the speed of […]

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Martin Hotter N Ell Lure

Martin Hotter N Ell Lure

The Martin Hotter N Ell Lure falls into its own type category. More in the Hook & Harness and Spring Loaded catagory. The 1951 lure catalog features two pages on the “Hotter’n’ell”. One of the things I enjoy most about doing Fin and Flame is featuring some of these neat, and obscure items that are tucked away in the annals of history. Every dog deserving of its day, and every lure story deserving to be told, regardless of value, was a mantra my good friend Joe Nelson lived by. When I received these in on Consignment to sell, I chuckled a bit but had never seen them. This morning I was going through a pile of salesman or dealer sheets and lure catalogs doing some research and came by the advertisement for them in the 1951 catalog.

To start with the Hotter”n”ell hook rigging, or lure, uses a play on words that weren’t exactly allowed in the 1950’s. While there seem to be no moral boundaries in advertising today, the calling a lure Hotter than Hell in the 50’s would more than likely have garnered some unfavorable attention in the age of the Cleavers.

The 1951 Catalog States:

Feeding Habbits of fresh or salt water game fish are similar the world over. From the Arctic Circle to the warm waters of the Tropics – “Big Fish Eat Little Fish”

Commercial fisherman have long recognized the […]

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Bomber Bait Company Press Release

Bomber Bait Company Press Release

This Bomber Bait Company Press Release and accompanying letter from one of the founders is a neat breadcrumb that I came across in sizable pile of research docs, catalogs, and salesman brochures I had amassed over time. It was hidden behind some papers I had looked at many many times and didn’t know they were underneath. What a great surprise for me, and being able to share it, that much better. The press release is accompanied by a letter from the Bomber Bait Company in 1976 also shown. I have never heard the full version of the story, only pieces, until I read the letter, and the story even though I must admit even living a stones throw away from Lake Murray. Our family camps many weeks of the year at Lake Murray, and it is the place my boys threaded and threw their first worms. Lake Murray has provided countless memories for my kids whether it be biking or hiking the trails, roasting marshmallows or taking “night walks”, and telling ghost stories along the way.

The letter is in a response to a letter from Tom Rainy, to Bomber in 1976 asking them if they had any old baits they might send him. I’m assuming this as they say they are shipping him in another package lures, dust and all. The letter is signed C.S. Tubrbeville one of the inventors and founders of the Bomber Bait Company.

Being […]

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Storm Glop Antique Fishing Lure

Storm Glop

The Storm Glop lure falls into a saying or category among antique fishing lure collectors that you can and will often hear. “Its more valuable because it didn’t catch fish.” Although that makes little sense from a pragmatic point of view, it makes sense if you apply a little logic. If it didn’t catch fish, it didn’t sell, therefore it gets a automatic small boost in the rarity column when applying the adage of what makes up an antique lure value. Antique fishing lure value is and has always been based on condition, color, rarity, collect-ability, and back again to condition. I know I said condition twice, and for a reason, to emphasis its importance.

At a time when Oklahoma City was experiencing its own history, being a site selected to test the affects of intercontinental sonic booms and the affect on a large city scale.  Born in a garage in 1964 in Norman Oklahoma, 2 brothers Bill and Gary Storm were hoping to have they’re own Boom on the US fishing lure industry. The 2 Storm brothers, and later to be joined by a 3rd, came up with a lure they deemed excitably different. Just looking at the storm glop you can see they accomplished at least that goal. Resembling a ghost or ghoul, one can see why they nicknamed it the meanest little lure. The Glop lure acted like a top water bait floating or sitting vertically on the water, however […]

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Worth Flutter Fin Lure

Worth Flutter Fin Lure

This version of the Worth Flutter Fin Lure is Circa 1962. The Worth Fishing Tackle Company was located out of Stevens Point Wisconsin. The Flutter Fin nicknamed by many “The Mustache Lure” was an invention made by Delbert Patterson of the Nova Tackle Company. The lure was sold around 1961 to the Worth Tackle Company.

This small round plastic lure measures 1″ in length and weighs 1/2 oz. This lure shown is the hollow eye mold version. There are small subtleties to help differentiate or to collect variations. There are multiple kinds of eyes that were produced on this lure, from hollow to solid pins. The Flutter Fin Antique Lure also at times contained a internal rattle. The lures “mustache” is what makes the lure flutter and is two single props spinning at the front of the lure just behind the single forward line tie.

The lure was made in six standard colors from White to Black, Brown, Green, Yellow, Orange all with scales colored in a different color or shade. The lure has a single trailing feathered treble hook to snare its prey. Later models will have a weed guard on the treble. The box states the Flutter Fin, Flutters, Pops and Rides the Surface


Worth Flutter Fin Lure

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Carters Dunks Dunk It Lure

Carters Dunks Dunk It Lure

The Carters Dunks Dunk It Lure was first introduced around 1931-1933. This Indianapolis Indiana, and Dayton Ohio Produced lure like many other makers was the culmination and consolidation of multiple lure companies coming together. Milt Dunkelberger owned American Display and it is believed he bought the patents to The Carters Lures in the early 1930’s.

Unlike most of the Carter’s Bestever or Dunks line up, the Dunk it lure has glass eyes. This wwoden, glass eyed antique fishing lure measures in at roughly 2 1/2″ in length. This top water popper lure has the slogan “A Real Alarm Clock for Sleepy Bass”. The lure has a painted and concave mouth which inset into it is the lures forward line tie. The lures mouth angles upward to and nose or point of the circle. This antique fishing lure has two treble hooks, the forward-most being secured with a cup rig type hardware.

This seldom seen lure is quite hard to find but if found, can be seen in a few different colors and can be found without eyes. The paint scheme can range from a solid colors to a more ornate spotted to a tiger stripe paint scheme finish.

Carters Dunks Dunk It Lure

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ShurKacth Baits Mouse Lure

ShurKacth Baits Mouse Lure

The ShurKacth Baits Mouse Lure is Circa 1939. The ShurKatch Bait company out of Richfield Springs, New York is thought to have been a distributor of Horrocks Ibbotson fishing lures. This wooden, painted eye mouse vintage fishing lure comes adorn with even a leather tail. This antique fishing lure uses a single treble hook to secure its prey.

The Shurkatch Mouse Lure just measuring in at 2 3/4″ in length was used for the smaller end of game fish, such as the northern black bass. The lure is red and white in colors and has a single forward line tie just under the nose of the fishing lure. The lure shown below comes with its correct type box, however its unmarked with the exception of the pencil mark on one end. This has always been one of my favorite pictures boxes.

ShurKacth Baits Mouse Lure Photo Gallery

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Hanson Sub Master Lure

Hanson Sub Master Lure

The Hanson Sub Master Lure was patented in 1951, while being made as early as 1950. This lure was distributed by Hanson’s Custom Loading out of Bonner Springs, Kansas. This little known lure has a large clear plastic diving lip almost the same length of its body.

 This lure is 3 1/4″ in length with lip and 1 3/4 without. The antique lure has a rubber skirt which hides the single trailing treble hook. The fishing lure has an already affixed leader to which to tie your line to. The lure has its name and patent pending stamped into the underside of the lure. The Sub Master lure was a one hit wonder for the company, and although the patent was granted no other lures were made by them. With it being a one hit wonder finding the complete package can take a bit for those who collect miscellaneous antique fishing lures.

The Box States” Truly a natural trolling Plug-It Floats or Goes Very Deep. And it will stray perfectly balanced at any depth. No Weights needed to be added.”

The antique lure reminds me of the alien that used to chase bugs bunny around and blow him away with a ray gun, Marvin the Martian.


Hanson Sub Master Lure Photo Gallery


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Jamison Humdinger Lure

Jamison Humdinger Lure

The Jamison Humdinger Lure was first introduced in 1916. This wooden no eyed fishing lure was made by William J Jamison Company out of Chicago Illinois, know affectionately as “Smilling Bill”. This antique fishing lure measures 3 1/8″ inches in length and is really a larger version of the struggling mouse which would come a year after the Humdinger.

I didnt feel much like story telling this morning, after loosing my dear friend Joe yesterday. Joe had amassed until recent the largest and most extensive Jamison antique lure collection to date. Joe, an honest, admirable, hardworking man of unquestionable ethics, a man whose dedication and love of this lure collecting community and its club members from its inception. His love of lures, the hobby and the club, only usurped by the love for his wife, kids and grand kids. I was honored to be Joes friend, and not just from a fishing lure standpoint. I often sought advice from my friend for many of my own struggles with health or life. Joe was 20+ years my senior and at times it was like talking to my best friend and at times it was like speaking to my own Dad. I knew Joe would provide the his opinion and I knew he did it from a place of love. I could hear Joe telling me his answer, as those who know Joe know he didn’t mince his words and often let […]

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