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Antique Lure and Reel Ads

Wright McGill Eagle Claw History

Wright McGill Eagle Claw History

This Wright McGill Eagle Claw History tale was taken from an excerpt from the Company in 1974. Stories like these breath life into the companies that we as collectors seek out. Being able to bring the different pieces of the puzzle to the table and recreate history with lore.

Wright McGill Eagle Claw History

It Happened in the late 1920’s after Drew McGill and Stan Wright formed the Wright & McGill Co., for the tying of high grade fishing flies. Drew was on the Upper Colorado River Perusing his favorite sport, fly fishing that magnificent stream.

It all happened when he stopped to light his pipe and take a short rest.

The mornings fishing had not been as good as it could have been, for it seemed that even though the rainbows and the natives were rising, they were difficult to hook. While thinking of this and the ways that he could improve his fishing techniques, he watched the lazy circles of two large eagles. As he sat quietly enjoying this wilderness scene, one of the eagles slowly spiraled downward and landed beyond him in the top of a dead cottonwood; the tips of the birds talons lightly gripping a weathered bare limb. His thoughts turned to the penetrating power of the fish hooks he was using.

As the powerful bird took to the air, Drew took his fishing fly and holding it by the tiny […]

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Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Team

Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Team

Many people are not aware of a Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Team and a Antique Fishing Lure company relationship. Well its true, there is a tie in between Americas Favorite Past Times, Baseball and Fishing. Many years ago in doing my research for the Old Fishing Lure website I came across a Shakespeare Lure and Reel Company Sponsored a baseball team. There isn’t much information out there about for how long and it’s minor or major league affiliations, other than it was a sponsored team. Most people that know me know I love the weird things that go along with my collections as much as the lures themselves. While those items that come with a story elevate my interest and its place in my collection. One of the items I’ve enjoyed the most about this is 15 years ago I just happened upon this, a Shakespeare Honor Built Baseball Bat.

A recent visitor to the site stopped by and shared this awesome Shakespeare Team Baseball with me, so I thought I would add to the post and re-share the story. 

Shakespeare Baseball Shakespeare Baseball

Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Bat

Shakespeare Bait Company Baseball Team

 Cleveland Indians Worl Series Champs 1920

Cleveland Indians 1920 Cleveland Indians 1920

What else you may ask do […]

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Louis Rhead Fishing From Dreamland Pier

Louis Rhead Fishing From Dreamland Pier

This News article, Louis Rhead Fishing From Dreamland Pier comes from the Brooklyn Star Circa 1908. We get a chance to see Louis Rhead’s art as well as his Penmanship. I think we as lure collectors forget that sometimes he just wasn’t the fly rod lure maker extraordinaire, but that works of art can be read and viewed in paper format.

While the Pier name may be specified by Rhead, for anyone who lives remotely close to any shoreline or any beach this invokes a previous memory. Whether we got to fish the pier or view the pier from a near by restaurant or simply as our families car has driven by, this scene plays out myriad ways.

Ive attached a PDF Link to the article for easier reading, you should be able to enlarge it to a readable size by clicking Louis Rhead Fishing From Dreamland Pier

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Enterprise Manufacturing Pflueger Fishing Tackle Plant

Enterprise Manufacturing Pflueger Fishing Tackle Plant

This great Enterprise Manufacturing Pflueger Fishing Tackle Plant article comes to us from November 10th, 1900. The article found in the trade rag, Hardware; A Review of the American Hardware Market. The article discusses the growth and transition through acquisition of the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, Pflueger.

Enterprise Manufacturing Pflueger Fishing Tackle Plant

    It comes almost in the nature of a surprise to the Hardware trade that every possible part of the fishing tackle store can be furnished complete from one factory. In the history of the Hardware business this has never been known to be within the range of possibility until the present time. It has always been found necessary to go through a number of establishments devoted to the different branches of the business in order to obtain what might be considered a complete line of fishing tackle. At the present time the factory of the Enterprise Mfg. Co. of Akron Ohio supplies this wonder in the way of achievement and as will be noticed by any one in the Hardware trade desirous of adding this line or of increasing it in their present stock the most complete assortment possible of fishing tackle and other appliances pertaining thereto will be found in their wonderful catalog. This business has grown from what might be considered a small beginning to the most extensive known to this particular branch of the trade. […]

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Syracuse Split Bamboo Fish Rod Company

Syracuse Split Bamboo Fish Rod Company

This Syracuse Split Bamboo Fish Rod Company, Henry Loftie catalog is a great early pre 1900’s Catalog. Circa 1889, this cover has made it over a century protected for it to be enjoyed by collectors and American Fishing Historians a century later. I’ve always been fond of Antique Paper Goods like catalogs, invoices, ads and stories. Maybe I’m a dreamer, its just my thing, #itsmystorytotell I’ve always said. I cant imagine if I was first collecting an I got to view some of the things that have come out of the woodwork since I started in the mid 1990’s. I know for some its just a cover and not as exciting as a 5 Hook Heddon Minnow or for some even a Bagley Honey B in a Parrot finish.

I would love to ad a Syracuse Fish and Rod Bamboo Pole to my Collection or any other unique Items by Henry Loftie. If you have any leads or items please email me. 

 If you can step back into to 1889 you’ll see things like Montana, Washington, North Dakota, and South Dakota being admitted as states. Names like Seth Green and Monroe Green are synonymous with central NY fish hatcheries. Lure makers Such as WD Chapman, JT Buel, Pflueger, John Mann, FS Graves, Hawks and Ogilvy, J.B McHarg, John Pepper are all coming into their own and some were at their pinnacle while others in their infancy.

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Heddon Dowagiac Underwater Lure 1902 Ad

Heddon Dowagiac Underwater Lure 1902 Ad

This Heddon Dowagiac Underwater Lure 1902 Ad is one of the earliest lure articles and ads I’ve seen or have run across for Heddon and their antique fishing lures. You just wont find many items in 1902, the same year the Dowagiac Underwater Casting lure and the Dowagiac Expert lures were said to have been made.

Heddon Dowagiac Underwater Lure 1902 Ad

“Dowagiac” Casting Baits

    James Heddon & Sons, Dowagiac Michigan are placing on the market “Dowagiac” Casting Baits, Illustrated. These baits are all hand made.

    The “Dowagiac Expert” bait is made for surface casting for bass etc., and is largely used in warmer waters in the southern parts of the Northern States, and also in the South, The “Dowagiac Underwater” bait is intended for use in deep waters and where the temperature is lower in shallow waters, as will be found in the Northerly parts of states bordering Canada and the lakes. All the baits which are of wood are finished with three preparatory coats and then with three coats of hard enamel which will not crack or rub off and then necessitate frequent painting. The surface is a glistening white that creates a reflection of light which makes it attractive and enables fish to see it a long distance. The sockets or inserts into which the hooks are fastened keep them always outward and presented to the fish. All hooks are […]

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Black Bass in Florida James Heddon Janette Hawley

Black Bass in Florida James Heddon Janette Hawley

In the Black Bass Florida James Heddon Janette Hawley article from 1904 printing of Angling Stories we get this great article from James Heddon, I think. The book is a compilation of Angling stories from other Magazines, such as Sports Afield. We see in the article penned by James Heddon describe his meeting a fish slayer, angler of poise Mrs. Janette Hawley on a trip to Mohawk Florida. The reason I say may have been written is, we see the author use  “Billy Bass” which was a pen name for Will Heddon, and we also see him introduce a person to whom hes never met, Mrs. Janette Hawley. Notice the name spelling difference, as Mrs. Jeantte Hawley is the pen name for Will’s wife Laura, who used the Janette Hawley name as a Pen name as well a year later in 1905. It may just be an accident or different spelling. Just strikes me as odd. We also see them use it on “The Mohawk Casting and trolling Bait” in 1905 as well on the box labels.

Could this be the introduction to the Pen name by James Heddon for Laura to use in later fishing articles as she became more prevalent in the Heddon Company? Could this bee Will writing under his dads name? Or, I ask, could this really have been the person who inspired the fictitious character? I don’t pretend to know early Heddon […]

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Pflueger Antique Lure Sign Ad

Pflueger Antique Lure Sign Ad

This Pflueger Antique Lure Sign Ad window sign was published in a 1905 Vol. 23 of “The Hardware Magazine”. The ad specifies how dealers in Pflueger’s Fishing Tackle can get one.

I will take a dozen please.

Finding Point of Sale or store displays for the Antique Lures, Reels and Tackle we love is a double edged sword. As I have written before in the article South Bend Counter Display, making yourself aware of fakes and counterfeits can save many dollars, heart break, and even misunderstanding for current or future antique lure collectors.  Its hard not to go to a flea market or antique store today and not run into newly made, made to look old, porcelain or tin signs. I’m as guilty as the next person for wanting to adorn the walls of my man den or tackle room with antique fishing like type items. I’m not one to tell anyone what to do; however, maybe take a minute the next time you go to buy one of these things and think about an alternative option for antique lure room decoration. This isnt the late 90’s anymore and prices have come back down to earth for many antique lure and tackle related items. Just take for instance the common rod or reel or even bamboo rods with condition issues. Youl can pick the things up for a few dollar a piece and incorporate this into […]

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Seeing through the Ice Louis Rhead Ice Fishing

Seeing Through the Ice Louis Rhead Ice Fishing

Seeing Through the Ice Louis Rhead Ice Fishing is my meager attempt to assimilate the last two weeks of my life to fishing theme. Some who follow this blog know me and our families tribulations over the last decade. Weve had the rug pulled out from underneath us, but like before we will get up and move forward again. #itsmystorytotell

Ive always been inspired by my Son, who was born 8 weeks early and his journey to enter this life. 3 years later his 7 year battle and walk with his own rare disease, ITP, and its corresponding years of treatments. His strength he has shown to all, his smile, and perseverance nothing short of amazing. His strength through some of his toughest times never wavering, his infectious love of life and all gods creatures heart warming.


Watching, looking and reaching below, the ice fisherman uses a small hole as his gateway to a world below. The world that he is so familiar with at times, yet now seems so unfamiliar. His tools he is so familiar with at times can no longer be used in his pursuit, and he must change and adapt if he wants a shot at what is below.

Two weeks ago I went in to have a routine eye exam that I had been putting off for many years. Like most I hasten to admit or give in to […]

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Bomber Bait Company Press Release

Bomber Bait Company Press Release

This Bomber Bait Company Press Release and accompanying letter from one of the founders is a neat breadcrumb that I came across in sizable pile of research docs, catalogs, and salesman brochures I had amassed over time. It was hidden behind some papers I had looked at many many times and didn’t know they were underneath. What a great surprise for me, and being able to share it, that much better. The press release is accompanied by a letter from the Bomber Bait Company in 1976 also shown. I have never heard the full version of the story, only pieces, until I read the letter, and the story even though I must admit even living a stones throw away from Lake Murray. Our family camps many weeks of the year at Lake Murray, and it is the place my boys threaded and threw their first worms. Lake Murray has provided countless memories for my kids whether it be biking or hiking the trails, roasting marshmallows or taking “night walks”, and telling ghost stories along the way.

The letter is in a response to a letter from Tom Rainy, to Bomber in 1976 asking them if they had any old baits they might send him. I’m assuming this as they say they are shipping him in another package lures, dust and all. The letter is signed C.S. Tubrbeville one of the inventors and founders of the Bomber Bait Company.

Being […]

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Sam the Black Bass Man Part I Sunday Sounds

Sam Sam the Black Bass Man Part I

In introducing Sam the Black Bass Man, I must digress back a bit, and say thanks for all the views , likes comments, emails and texts I’ve received. The last 12 Months with Fin and Flame has been fun. I have even bigger expectations and plans for the next year. Your continued support and acknowledgement, is your enjoyment, and that is enough to keep me digging up more. I know I’ve been remiss in doing the Sunday Sounds, or the Friday Fly Fishing Features to which I need to return to a regular basis. I did them early on with the blog and with a smaller audience and have since gotten side tracked. I think of this issue as my adult ADHD, as I’m easily sidetracked down new paths when antiques collide with fishing; My wife calls it hoarding.

I’m an avid fishing lure collector and overall fishing and general history lover. I have a fascination with history, antiques, and it’s an added bonus when anything can tie the two together. I must confess, my appreciation and capacity for having a vivid imagination with these items to which I view, study or collect, is way larger than my memory or knowledge of any one single piece of it. I’m great at remembering a few tidbits about a lot of little things, rather than being a true expert at one.  So, As I introduce Sam any information that you may […]

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Skinner Turkey Wing Ad 1884

Skinner Turkey Wing Ad

Since today’s motif is Turkey, I found  this apropos.

This Skinner Turkey Wing Ad came from 1884. The Hibbard Spencer and Bartlett Company was a large seller of many items fishing tackle included.

GM Skinner Clayton NY

Silver Plated Oval and Kidney Pattern.

These Baits are noted for superior workmanship and piscatorial success. The fluting beautifies, stiffens and preserves the shape. Each Bait is finely plated and mounted with first quality Scarlet Ibis, and other natural color flies, on the very best Brass wire, Treble hooks and Swivels making it the best trolling Spoon Now on the Market. 

Nickled Plated – Oval Pattern Only.

These Spoons are mounted first quality feathered treble hooks and swivels and are all made with the same dies as these in Silver Plate, and will therefore be of standard size. Each Spoon will be stamped with the makers name. 


Skinner Turkey Wing Ad 1884 Skinner Turkey Wing Ad 1884


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Antique Lure History Whence The Plug American Angler

Antique Lure History Whence The Plug American Angler 1918

In this Antique Lure History Whence The Plug American Angler article you will find an amazing read. I was truly excited when I ran across this gem. If you love antique lures and you love the history bind them, you will love the article from the May 1918 American Angler, by Sam Stinson. Everyone is always asking what was the first antique lure. I’m not sure if anyone ever will be able to answer that with being a bit more specific. But we see here some antique fishing lure recollection of some great history. The story is also printed in Arlan’s book “19th Century Fishing Lures”,  one of my favorite books, and have worn out the pages of a few copies thumbing through it over the years. I really wish he would do another. There are a few differences of note, in photos (maybe there just wasnt enough room to print them), and his source was from a 1921 issue of American Angler. One could then draw the conclusion, the article was printed many times over the publications life span.


Antique Lure History Whence The Plug American Angler Antique Lure History Whence The Plug American Angler

ISNT it curious how things start? The bass had risen fairly well that day but they seemed a bit finicky. The evening had turned chilly as June evenings will and over our pipes we […]

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Antique Fishing Attire 1875

Antique Fishing Attire 1875

There have been may discussion over Antique Fishing attire in as much as the ability of the common layman to be able to afford to fish as a leisure or pleasure hobby. Simply put many people in early 19th Century America fished for food not for pleasure. In the span of a century predating this 1875 ad from B. F. Masters, we see America evolve from a Autocratic dominated or centrist type society to one that sought out personal satisfaction as a right to all not just the elite few. However, the cost of doing such played as much of a part as looking the part while doing it.

We see small facets of this still in 20th century America as it pertains to certain sports and pastimes, for example in the hunting and shooting vein. If you’d like an example just Google Orvis and Upland hunting gear, or Holland & Holland or Purdey Over and Under and Side by side, and one comes to the conclusion that being seen is still just as important to some as the activity itself. The fishing hobby in the 20th century is not absent or innocent of this type of American cultural phenomenon either take a stroll down any popular fly fishing area or a weigh in at any Bass Master Classic tournament and the point is well proven.

So why then should the 19th century be any different. During a time where […]

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Antique Lure History Collage

Antique Lure History Collage

While this Antique Lure History Collage isn’t very old all being published in 1986, the author took great care in inserting some wonderful “Easter Eggs” to find. This photo was taken from an article in 1986, from “The Florida Today” newspaper.

How many can you find? The Heddon Slope Nose or Heddon Expert lure, The JT Buel Spoon?  The artist as well as author went on to speak of fishing tackle innovations throughout history. Annotating the first bone hook per say has been dated to at least around 20,000 years ago.  Stating that even around 200 BC there are written accounts of an artificial bait used to “fool fish”.

Antique Lure History Collage

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Grover Cleveland Fisherman President

Grover Cleveland Fisherman President

What do Grover Cleveland Fisherman President and Joseph Decatur, Dr Kassen Gibson and the small town I grew up in in Upstate NY have in common?

Grover Cleveland, who in my opinion was one of our best presidents was arguably one of the better fisherman and outdoors sportsmen presidents of all time. I will show some more on Mr. Cleveland, whom he and his wife had associations to 19th Century Lure, Rod and Reel makers of Upstate NY in the future. However a friend of mine shared this article the other day, and not only did it make sense to tie his travel to central NY with his sporting affinities, below is a great article about a Dr who my grade school in the sleepy town of Norwich NY was named after, Gibson Elementary.

Although Norwich, a sub 10K resident town which is known for its inventions such as Pepto Bismal, and Chloroseptic the area also had antique lure ties. Anyone whos done some research on Captian Henry Welch of the Welch and Graves Duo will notice the Norwich as his birthplace. So while doing research Ive come to know things I wish I knew and had interests in when I spent 18 years there.

Grover Clevland and his wife were spoken of highly and even written about in Henry Loftie Catalogs as users and purveyors of his rods and even his hair products also had another reason to […]

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1888 Thomas Conroy Billhead

1888 Thomas Conroy Billhead

This 1888 Thomas Conroy Billhead is a great piece of Ephemera. Paper goods from the previous century provide us large cookie crumbs along our way to finding out some of the riddles. If for nothing else the Bill head, and envelope provide a picture or window into business names during certain segments. Conroy as a company had been in business since 1830 and though the years changed its names as follows:

John Conroy – 1830
J.&J.C. Conroy- 1840
J.C. Conroy & Co.- 1864
Conroy Bissett & Malleson – 1875
Conroy & Bissett – 1881
Thomas J. Conroy – 1883

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Andrew Clerk Company

Andrew Clerk Company

This Andrew Clerk Company ad comes out of book published in 1885. One of the benefits of insomnia is I get to stay up reading and get rewarded by running across great early ads such as below. Through mergers, acquisitions name changes, and more the Andrew Clerk Company was around for more then a century making it one of the oldest American fishing institutions.

Andrew Clerk & Co.

43 Maiden Lane and 35 Liberty Street
New York

Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of

Fishing Tackle Fish Hooks Etc.
And Sole agents of
Warrin’s Celebrated

Drilled Eye & Telegraph Needles

We would Call the attention to Anglers and Sportsmen in General

Excelsior Split Bamboo Fly Rod

Which is unequaled as to lightness, flexibility and strength. The most Expert Anglers of the Adirondacks and Maine have bestowed upon us the highest encomiums, and not only upon our Excelsior Split Bamboo Rod, but also upon our

Cedar and Lancewood Rods

of which we have the largest and most complete variety in the world. In flies we have infinite varieties for which we are so justly celebrated and all of our own make. Also particular flies for favorite localities such as the Adirondacks, Maine Etc. All these are tied securely on the best silkworm gut, either tinted or plain and have given the utmost satisfaction to Scientific Anglers. Our assortment of 

Reels, […]

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Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad

Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad

This Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad is out of Forrest and Stream from January 25th, 1885.

Chapman’s Bait Still Ahead

The “New Combination,” Just Out. See Cut

In Three Sizes for Pike, Pickerel, Bass, Trout & Muskellunge

Read the Testimonials:

W.D. Chapman and Son, Theresa, New York: As an old fisherman who has used your baits for the past twenty five years, allow me to congratulate you on the success of your New Combination Bait for Trout, Muskellunge, and Bass. It is very attractive, as the record of catches in Wisconsin last fall will show. I consider it the best bait in its different sizes made, and predict for it the largest sale of Any Bait Ever Made.  

Yours Truly, A.G. Ryther

W.D. Chapman and Son, Theresa, New York: I take pleasure to testifying to the great merits of your New Combination Muskellunge Bait. I gave them a good trial the first of last November and caught 13 Muskellunges in two and a half days fishing, without the loss of a fish, and two of the thirteen weighed over twenty pounds each. You will have a large demand for these baits, sportsman must have them. 

Yours Truly, John S. George

To Produce These Baits at once we will send by mail upon receipt of price: 

No. 1 For Salmon, Trout and Muskellunge $1.50

No. 2 For Pickerel, Pike Bass and […]

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Brush Trolling Spoon 1880 Ad

Brush Trolling Spoon 1880 Ad

Here is a great Brush Trolling Spoon 1880 Ad. Taken from Forest and Stream the May 20th 1880 weekly edition. The ad actually uses the patent drawing in its advertisement illustration.

Don’t Catch Weeds and Logs

But Catch Fish

Brush’s Patent Trolling Spoons entirely overcome the defects heretofore found in all other spoons, viz., running so  deep to catch weeds and logs and below where the fish see them. Made of the best material. Bass Size $0.75; Pickerel $1.00; Muskellunge $1.25 Each by Mail $0.25 Extra for Gold Plated Address

Henry C Brush, Brushton, Franklin Co, New York 

Or to be had at Wholesale of Reatil from Chas. L. Ritzman 943 Broadway NY

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Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory

Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory

In this Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory advertisement we see the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, Pflueger advertise its luminous lures. The Enterprise Manufacturing Co., out of Akron, Ohio had just a year earlier come out with the Success Spinner. The advertisement recants an anglers success and experiences with one of Pflueger’s luminous soft rubber frogs.

Pflueger Antique Lure 1893 Sportsman Directory

Read and be convinced what Pfluegers Luminous Baits can do.

W.F. De Wolf, 7011 Monroe St., Englewood, Chicag, writes;

“I must tell you of my great “fish catch” with one of “Pflueger’s Luminous Frogs.” I caught 40 Black Bass in two mornings and one evening fishing. The largest weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz., measured 22 in. in length, a 14 in. girth, with mouth 4 in. across (when open). Several of the weighed 5 and 5 1/2 lbs. each, quite a number 3 1/2, 4 and 4 1/2, and a great many 2 to 3 lbs.

“The little town where this catch was made, and all it’s fishermen were wild when they saw the string of fish. I had them, myself and boatman photographed. The 7 ponder tired my boatman and myself so that we sat and looked at each other for a moment or two after landing him, neither having a word to say. The sight of such a monster lying on the bottom of the boat, and the thought […]

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Shakespeare Antique Lure Ad 1906

Shakespeare Antique Lure Ad 1906

This Shakespeare Antique lure Ad 1906 was taken from “The Evening Star” newspaper and shows us the New addition of the Rhodes Mechanical Swimming Frog to its Artificial bait arsenal. The ad illustrates the Shakespeare Revolution, The Shakespeare Wooden Minnow and the Rhodes Mechanical Swimming Frog.

Shakespeare Antique Lure Ad 1906

To Anglers in every part of the United States and Canada, I offer Free a beautiful $10 outfit of Famous Shakespeare Rods, Reels and Baits that Catch Fish.

I was every Angler to know of the exquisitely fine qualities of the Shakespeare Hand made Rod and Reels and the wonderfully successful Baits that Catch Fish. Without question the three most successful baits in the World today are the Shakespeare Revolution Bait, the Shakespeare Wooden Minnow and the New Rhodes Mechanical Swimming Frog. Game fish strike these baits savagely when the live bait utterly fail to tempt them.

Bass have been seen to rush a distance of more then 50 feet to attack these baits and many cases are reported of two large fish being landed at a single cast. In deep or shallow water, whether trolling or casting, fish actually take these baits more readily than live bait. They have repeatedly taken better and larger strings of fish than live frogs or minnows when used at the same time and place.

Two anglers with the New Rhodes Mechanical Swimming Frog in 4 hours […]

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WD Chapman Minnow Propeller Definition

WD Chapman Minnow Propeller Definition

This WD Chapman Minnow Propeller Definition proves that life was simpler back then. In a day and age where everything seems to be complicated from our fishing bots to the equipment installed upon them we have come a long way. These two ads from 1884 are amusing, as they use W.D Chapman’s lures to help define the word “Propeller”. These ads were found off the beaten path in a periodical called “Knight’s New Mechanical Dictionary, A Description of Tools, Instruments, Machines, Processes, and Engineering with Indexical References to Technical Journals.”

In the first illustration we see them use the Minnow Propeller to define: Minnow Propeller, a bait for trolling, having a bright spoon which rotates by contact with the water. Behind the propeller is a feather bait with hooks.

The Second uses Chapman’s Reversible Propeller or Double Bass Bait as we refer to it as;  Propeller, A kind of trolling bait having oblique wings which cause it to rotate it in the water.

WD Chapman Minnow Propeller Definition

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Hawks Ogilvy 1889 Fishing Tackle Catalog

Hawks Ogilvy 1889 Fishing Tackle Catalog

Here we have a Hawks Ogilvy 1889 Fishing Tackle Catalog cover. I had posted another early Henry Loftie Catalog cover and I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the others. I’ve always enjoyed being able to look back in time, to see the American Fishing Industries roots being laid. To see some of the early verbiage or phrasing they used or to see who was selling who’s products. Early marketing wasn’t near what it is today, so word of mouth became fact of lore, so to speak.

Hawks and Ogilvy is another large trade house akin and synonymous with other Antique Fishing Tackle houses and distributors, such as Abbey and Imbrie, Clark’s and Horrocks, TH Bate and many others. Just like today we see the transformation and mergers of large conglomerates either through necessity or through the Fishing Industries “Natural Selection” if you will. I’m sure someone will correct me but Robert Ogilvy was in business prior to the combination of Hawks & Ogilvy and then again in 1893 we see Robert Ogilvy branch out alone. While a lot of thier material was re branded under thier name they used the Iron Cross to distinguish some of their items. But the list of items that they carried from Bamboo Hexagonal Fly Fishing rods to rods specific to Chumming, or Black Bass the list was staggering. The also re branded reels, you will find things like the traditional […]

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Nifty Minnie Minnow Tube Lure Ads

Nifty Minnie Minnow Tube Lure Ads

These Nifty Minnie Minnow Tube Lure Ads, come from both 1914, and 1915. These ads reveale the lures intended appeal. To try and keep the minnow alive longer. Combining both the qualities of a minnow tube and a 5 hook underwater minnow the Nifty Minne claimed to do both. I added the Box cover, and the folded paperwork insert to this post.

I did a post showing the lure a few months back available here Nifty Minne Minnow Tube

Fish All Day With One Minnow

A practical permanent live fish bait for salt or fresh water hing Minnow frog grasshopper or other bait enclosed in patented non breakable transparent ease. Inlet and outlet holes allow water to flow through slowly keeping minnow aliv. No child’s toy. No glass to break, Nickel Plated fittings, Hooks interchangeable, Weight 1 oz

Success demonstrate for three seasons. For sale by all dealers or sent parcels post paid for $1.00 in U 5 Canada $1.35 Made only by Joseph Ness Minneapolis Minnesota

Nifty Minnie Minnow Tube Lure Ads Nifty Minnie Minnow Tube Lure Ads

Fish All Day with One Live Minnow

in “Nifty Minne”

A practical permanent live fish bait for salt or fresh water fishing Expert and amateur fishermen for two seasons enthusiastic over it. Minnow enclosed in non breakable flexible transparent case Inlet and […]

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1794 Fishing Tackle Ad

1794 Fishing Tackle Ad

This a 1794 Fishing Tackle Ad. It proves that sometimes while we believe the roots of the American Fly Fishing or Fishing Tackle industry started in the early to mid 19th Century, it did not. While names such as TH Bate, JT Buel, WD Chapman and others like Bradford and Anthony are some of the earlier we think of there were others, it’s just finding the documentation to share. 1794 is old for American fishing tackle a swe know it, but it’s but a sliver of time if we begin to look at native American, or European fishing culture or history.


The Old established fishing tackle shop is removed to No.34 Great Dock Fleet between front and second streets and near drawbridge. Where may be had as usual a very executive complete and general equipment of all kinds of fishing tackle for use of either Sea or River.

FLy, Trolling, Bottom, Bag or other sorts and sizes of fishing rods either hollow or solid plain or ringed.

1794 Fishing Tackle Ad 1794 Fishing Tackle Ad

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Pflueger Flying Helgramite Vs Chapman Buel

Pflueger Flying Helgramite Vs Chapman Buel

This great little ad discusses the Pflueger Flying Helgramite Vs Chapman Buel. This comes to us from 1884, 137 years ago. Early advertising for lures mentioned in here such as the Crystal Minnow, and the Flying Helgramite are hard to come by so enjoy.

Pflueger Flying Helramite Vs Chapman Buel

To Anglers: The fishing tackle dealers supply you with a lot of things to delude the speckled beauties or the lively pickerel etc., but now an then, in certain kinds of water and weather, they fail to stir a fish. A new and enticing bait has been discovered: by The Enterprise Manufacturing Company, of Akron Ohio. It has been used to great purpose by a leading lawyer of that has been rusticating in the neighboring Dominion. His letter reads as follows:

Picton. Canada August 19th  Friend Pflueger, For the first time I today gave your Flying Helgramite a trial, and I gave it a thorough one. I went fishing with the Judge of this county, Judge Gillet and we had royal sport. My first capture was a seven pound black bass; afterwards we took in many between two and five pounds. My catch was pronounced by sports here unequaled. No one had ever seen a bass that size taken here. It was caught with your Flying Helgramite which I regard as a killing bait. I used it against a Buel and a Chapman Spoon and I Came out on top. Judge Gillet […]

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Izaak Walton Colored Print

Izaak Walton Colored Print

This Izaak Walton Colored Print is one of my favorites. I posted the other week a Currier and Ives Colored Trout photo and got good reception, so I thought another piece of art was apropos. This dates to the mid 1800’s and was published by Dean and Company. There are as many renditions of Walton out there as there seem to be copies of his novel.

While he has a trout in his hand, his rod looks to be a skittering rod. Skittering was a type of fishing done that the lure or fly that was used is drawn across the top of the water. Usually done with a longer pole like this with the line tied to the end.

Izaak Walton Hand Colored Print

Izaak Walton Colored Print Izaak Walton Colored Print

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Pflueger Antique Fly Lure 1888

Pflueger Antique Fly Lure 1888

This Pflueger Antique Fly Lure 1888 ad is one of those that I found off the beaten path. Recording media has been done since the beginning of time, its just the mode, methods and the medium for transmission have change. I found this great old Pflueger Antique Fly Fishing lure ad in a magazine about old phonographs. The Phonograph itself was only invented just 9 years earlier in 1877. So while we always think to look in hunting and fishing themed media, this one shows us we can learn things about our hobby sometimes in strange places.

The ad, like many early Pflueger ads is sticking with the tradition of highlighting Pflueger’s luminous fishing lure qualities. Besides touting the Luminous fly qualities, the ad touts that it and Pflueger are endorsed by President Cleveland, who was know to have been quite a fisherman. I see quite a few early 1800’s antique lure ads that involve marketing Mr. and Mrs Cleveland and their sporting prowess.

Sent Free!                           Post Paid!


Luminous or Bass Trout Fly

With our 44 Page Catalog of Modern Styles

Fish Baits and Anglers Specialties, fro Price of Catalog 20 Cents.

A Vacation made Pleasant and Profitable ,

The Enterprise Manufacturing Co.

Akron Ohio


Pflueger Antique Fly Lure [...]
</p srcset=

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Wilson Six in One Wobbler Lure Ad FS 1916

Wilson Six in One Wobbler Lure Ad

This Wilson Six in One Wobbler Lure Ad comes from a Field and Stream January 1916. The article title the Plugger’s of 1916 give an over view of a half dozen or so lures new to market.

Wilson That’s all

Yes sir; here you are son a plug that does the work of six from the top water sputter to the deepest wiggler and all for the price of one plug. We of the plugger class know what a fish getter the wobbler with the fluted sides has been well here is another from the same factory. Hastings Sporting Goods Works and if it is as good as its brother the fluted wobbler it’s full creels for all of us. In the trapshooting game I featured the expression shoot em high shoot em low. Here is one for the fishing fraternity fish em low and do it with a Wilson. All that is necessary is to turn an adjustable The Six in One Wobbler diving guide and one has the choice of any one of six different positions from the surface to the wiggler of various depths to a maximum of six feet. Here’s to you, the “pound for pound fish” also to- Wilson That’s all

Wilson Six in One Wobbler Lure Ad Wilson Six in One Wobbler Lure Ad

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John Mann Trolling Spoons

John Mann Trolling Spoons

This John Mann Trolling Spoons Ad dates to 1883. American Angler magazine gives us some great ads and stories. Im pretty partial to John Mann as I’ve collected his lures and miscellaneous items like tea tins from his general store, personal artifacts, and business items such as trade cards for over a decade.

John Mann Trolling Spoons

Sixty varieties manufactured, suitable for trolling for all kinds of fish that will take an artificial bait.

Our perfect revolving spoons are undoubtedly the best general spoon for taking fish that’s offered to the public.

Three styles made.- No. 20 for bass, pike, pickerel, or any fish under five pound weight: No. 21 for large fish. : No. 22 Excellent for deep water fishing.

Beware of Imitations

None genuine except with John H Mann name stamped on every spoon.

For sale by Abbey & Imbrie and other fishing tackle dealer in NY. Dame, Stoddard and Kendall Boston Mass. In Chicago and Detroit by the principle dealers in Sporting Goods.

John H. Mann & Co.,

Syracuse, N.y.

John Man Trolling Spoons Ad 1883

John Man Trolling Spoons Ad 1883

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Pflueger Fish Scaler

Pflueger Fish Scaler

This Pflueger Fish Scaler ad comes from 1892. The Chicago Journal of Commerce printed or show cased this new to market Pflueger Enterprise Manufacturing Company item. Many people think Pflueger’s reach ended at lures and reels, however Pflueger was trying to create a end to end fishing tackle company that could provide it all.

Fish Cleaning Outfit

Our Illustrations show a fish cleaning outfit which is being put on the market by the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, Akron, Ohio the largest excursive fishing tackle manufacturers in the United States.

Fig. 1 shows Pflueger’s Patented Combination Fish Cleaner. The heretoform disagreeable work of cleaning fish is wholly obviated by the use of this device. It will remove scales, fins, head to tail at half the time as with the former unpleasant methods commonly used. It is neatly and strongly made and packed in a box. The cut shows the exact size of the device.

Fig. 2 Shows Pflueger’s combination fish fork for holding fish while holding and moving fish while cleaning in connection with the fish cleaner. These two devices furnish a complete a fish cleaning outfit, and are endorsed by all sportsmen who have used them. They are sold at a very moderate price. For terms and further information the manufactures may be addressed.

Pflueger Fish Scaler Pflueger Fish Scaler Pflueger Fish Scaler Combination Fish [...]
</p srcset=

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Spalding Pneumatic Sporting Boat

Spalding Pneumatic Sporting Boat

This A.G. Spalding Pneumatic Sporting Boat is a classic example of a early float tube. I’ve always really enjoyed the old ads and find many of them amusing when your pursuing through an old catalog and you stumble upon certain one that make you wonder what the artist print block maker had in mind when penning. I’ve always found it amusing some of the dress or garb they are wearing just to fish. Some of these outfits seem to look more difficult to put on then  to catch the fish. The maker A.G. Spalding more famous in the Antique Fishing Lure and Reels circuit for its “Kosmic” brand of fishing tackle. Spalding, is one of the largest sellers of sporting goods known at the turn of the century. This ad from 1895 is for a early version of am Inflatable tube.

The Layman

Pneumatic Sporting Boat

It is the safeest lightest and most compact portable boat on the market. Weighs 15 lbs is easily inflated, and can be carried in a handbag when collapsed. It is made of the best rubber duck cloth, in four separate compartments, has loop for erecting a blind, absolutely safe in any waters. Splendidly adapted for hinting or fishing. Being paddled by the feet., the hands are left free to handle either rod or gun. A success in every way. It is also made with full length wading pants. For Circular and further […]

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WD Chapman Brockville Ontario Lure Ad 1883

WD Chapman Brockville Ontario Lure Ad

This great WD Chapman Brockville Ontario Lure Ad comes to us from 1883. While this antique lure ad shows the WD Chapman Allure bait it also gives us some other clues to putting together the Antique Fishing Lure Puzzle. We see that it uses the name WD Chapman & Son indicating that his son Byron was with the company, and actually had been for some time by now. But the most important feature is that it shows Brockville, Ontario as well as Thersa, NY for factory locations. This Forrest and Stream ad from 1883 helps us so that when we see a antique Chapman fishing lure marked with Brockville we know it dates to 1883 and before.

WD Chapman Brockville Ontario Lure Ad WD Chapman Brockville Ontario Lure Ad

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Holzwarth Expert Minnow Lure Ad 1901

Holzwarth Expert Minnow Lure

This Holzwarth Expert Minnow Lure Ad dates to 1901 and was found in a Wisconsin Naturalist Magazine. Really a strange place to advertise the ad for his Expert Minnow lure so far away from Ohio. I say this as there is not much information out there about Holzwarth in general and very few ads for one to turn up in this Naturalist trade rag as it doesn’t really fit with the lack of his advertising of information about the company. I was first excited as the book dated to 1897, but then I realized it was a compilation of all the years since and the only year the Holzwarth Expert Lure was advertised was in the April 1901 issue.

The “Expert” Wooden Minnow

An Artificial Bait that will positively catch more fish than live bait. Sent to any address in the US or Canada for $1.00 postage prepaid.

J.C. Holzwarth

Alliance Ohio

Holzwarth Expert Minnow Lure 1901 Holzwarth Expert Minnow Lure 1901

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Pflueger Luminous Lure Ad 1885

Pflueger Luminous Lure Ad 1885

This Pflueger Luminous Lure Ad came out in 1885. This makes it 131 years old and a treat to still be able to see. Finding advertising that is this old is certainly a high point for those out there like myself that love old paper that has to do with antique lures, reels and the fishing industry in general. This ad was out of an American Angler trade rag.

Pflueger’s Luminous Bait

1st Fisher: Hello Burke! How did you capture that fine string of Fish? Ive been out here since morning and have only a few measly Perch.

2nd Fisher: Oh! This is only Three Hours Work! My Time is Too Valuable during the day so I go Evenings I Use PFLUEGER’S LUMINOUS BAIT.

3rd Fisher: HA! I’ve heard that the game fish rest during the day and feed at dark. I’ll use the LUMINOUS BAIT hereafter.

Pflueger Luminous Lure Ad 1885 Pflueger Luminous Lure Ad 1885


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KK Minnow Lure Ad 1909

KK Minnow Lure Ad

This KK Minnow Lure Ad comes out of the year 1909 although the Minnow was patented in 1907. That makes this great antique lure 107 years old. The K&K Minnow is lure is always a treat and a delight to add to ones antique fishing lure collection.

The Minnow That Swims

A Live bait that you can carry in your tackle box-the K&K Animated Minnow

A Jointed artificial Minnow in beautiful natural colors. Guaranteed absolutely waterproof. Represents the genuine movement of of a live Minnow in the casting, trolling or still fishing. The Best Catcher Made. Made in 10 styles and sold by the principle dealers, If your dealer cannot supply you, we will send prepaid upon receipt of price.  

King of Casting Bait $1.00    Minnowette  $1.00    New Catalog Free upon asking.

K&K Manufacturing Company 109 St Clair Street, Toledo Ohio

Patented Aug 5, 1907

KK Minnow Lure Ad 1909 KK Minnow Lure Ad 1909

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Moonlight Fish Spear Lure Ad 1916

Moonlight Fish Spear Lure Ad

This Moonlight Fish Spear Lure Ad comes from a 1916 Shakespeare Lure catalog, yes that wasn’t a mistype. The Fish Spear is a classic Moonlight bait we don’t get to see advertised much due to the scarcity of early Moonlight antique fishing lure catalogs. I do find it amusing the show the model 586W, as if we we able to see any other colors its published in a black and white catalog.

Fish Spear 

Floats, Dives, Swims and Wiggles.

The two points for line attachment regulate the action of the “Spear”. By attaching the line to the end of the bait a surface bait is produced. By attaching line at top of patented plane, an under water bait results, which has a darting, diving, swimming and wiggling motion, like a live minnow.

When not in motion the bait floats. The faster its retrieved, the deeper it goes in the water and the more pronounced the wobbling motion.

Finished in our high grade non-peeling waterproof enamel, handsomely trimmed and decorated, and equipped with the best grade treble hooks. Made in the following styles:

No. 586W     Fish Spear Bait – White. Price Each  $ 0.65
No. 586R     Fish Spear Bait – Red. Price Each  $ 0.65
No. 586Y     Fish Spear Bait – Yellow. Price Each  $ 0.65
No. 586S     Fish Spear Bait – Spotted. Price Each  $ 0.75

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Shakespeare Kazoo Minnow Lure Ad 1907

Shakespeare Kazoo Minnow Lure Ad

Here’s is Shakespeare Kazoo Minnow Lure Ad from 1907. These ads were for the Shakespeare Kazoo Minnow, an economy minnow for their line up. Very similar to fellow lure make giant Pflueger’s Competitor Minnows. Shakespeare advertises the different minnow quality variations in the 1907 catalog. The first version of the Kazoo Minnow Lure having tiny glass eyes, and the later having the Brass washer and tack eye. The lures had a staple rig, and can be found in two colors. Green and White and a Orange’ish Red Red backed version. The Kazoo Minnow Lures had 3 different hook variations shown below as well. A 5 Hook Underwater Minnow, A 3 hook underwater minnow, and a 2 Hook (belly) Underwater Minnow.

Shakespeare Kazoo Minnow Lure Ad Shakespeare Kazoo Minnow Lure Ad


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Country Living Facebook Cover Photo Antique Lures

Country Living Facebook Cover Photo Antique Lures

Just a quick post to note the Country Living Facebook Cover Photo is now showing Fin and Flames Antique Lures

They published the article on their Facebook Page here, but got a few of the details mixed up like Heddon being the first lure producer, but O well…Country Living Article about Tackle

Here is a link to the article I wrote about the experience here

Country Living Antique Lures 


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Pilot Spinner Antique Lure Ad 1903 Hardware Dealers

Pilot Spinner Antique Lure Ad

This ad comes to us from the Hardware Dealers Magazine Vol.23 1905 and shows the Pilot Spinner Lure.

The Pilot Spinner

HR Stewart & Co 938 First National Bank Building Chicago Ill are offering the trade the Pilot Spinner illustrated. It is an adaptation of a spinner and a feathered treble hook to the Pilot and is a complete bait in itself .The spinner attachment when in motion has the appearance in the water much like a spoon and is equally attractive. It will not revolve too fast but is constructed so as to give good action and throw an intermittent reflection from its broad sides. It is a good troller and caster being of the right weight for the latter. It will not buckle and can be used wherever moving bait is desired.

The Pilot is a device which serves the purpose of preventing a line from twisting keeping the bait near the surface or diving with it into deep water when trolling or casting. With it bait can be carried over weed beds where the weeds are near the surface or at the pleasure of the fisherman it can be made to dive into deeper water by simply changing the angle of the side fins which can be done instantly. The Pilot is a combination of fins two adjustable side fins a dorsal or back fin and a keel fin. […]

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Donaly Redfin Lure Ad 1915

Donaly Redfin Lure Ad

This Donaly Redfin Lure Ad Comes to us from the magazine, Recreation, and was published in 1915. The short blurb describing the antique fishing lure properties and set up and how it relates to fish attacking it.

Donaly Redfin Lure Weedless Casting Bait

A weedless casting bait which seems destined to be popular where introduced is the Redfin Model illustrated herewith. Eastern anglers speak very highly of it. It is a floating bait, finished in white enamel with red striping, body is 3 1/4″ inches long, fins are nickle, hooks nickle plated, one weedless tail hook and a pair of detachable belly hooks not shown. The tail hook is “pivotally” connected to the body, riding in a slot in the tail, and is illustrated in the extreme hooking position. The body is weighted to float right side up, and the weight of the hook keeps it in the weedless position, the point being protected by the wooden tail of the body. A strike on the tail from a “short striking” or rear attacking fish forces the hook to instantly rise to the hooking position. The belly hooks are for side strikes. Price $.75 cents.

Donaly Redfin Lure Ad 1915 Donaly Redfin Lure Ad 1915

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Pflueger Trory Minnow Lure Ad

Pflueger Trory Minnow Lure Ad

This Pflueger Trory Minnow Lure Ad comes to us from a 1904 catalog. The Pflueger Enterprise Manufacturing Company Claims to have created the first artificial minnow production with its Crystal Minnow then on to the Flying Helgramite then to the Trory. Its hard to argue with them. The Trory minnow lure is on every collectors check list. I suppose if cant own one in real life looking at this add will suffice for more time. You can see below the lure was offered in a Luminous, a Non Luminous First Quality and A Second Quality as well. Price per dozen artificial lures was $11.80. Yes Sir, please send me just one.

Pflueger Trory Minnow Lure Ad Pflueger Trory Minnow Lure Ad

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Welch Graves Minnow Tube Lure Ad 1893

Welch Graves Minnow Tube Lure Ad 1893

This Welch Graves Minnow Tube Lure Ad is out of American Angler March Issue for the year 1893. Early American antique fishing lure ads like this are hard to source. If you read his ad its actually amusing as he says he doesn’t have time to respond to letter, just send him the money, classic.

Welch Graves Minnow Tube Lure Ad 1893 Welch Graves Minnow Tube Lure Ad 1893

A live minnow in an annealed flanged flint glass tube so arranged as to magnify the minnow hole in each end to keep the bait alive. One minnow lasts a day. It catches the largest fresh and salt water fish. You can use angle worms crabs grasshoppers or any other bait. To introduce this patent a few will be sold in each town and sent by mail on receipt of $1.00 $1.25 and $1 50 each which will be refunded within ten days if the device is returned in good order. On all tests with other devices it has caught ten to their one.

In ordering say what kind of fish you want to catch. The tubes will be made 3 4 and 5 inches long and trimmed proportionately with white hooks swivel and white. Wire leader ready for use. Only the minnow is seen in a foot of water. Don t Write to ask questions […]

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Pflueger Wizard Lure Ad 1904

Pflueger Wizard Lure Ad

Here is a great early Pflueger Wizard Lure Ad. This clip is out of the 1904 Pfleuger Enterprise Manufacturing Company Catalog. The plate below touts it should the actual size. Model numbers 473 being Luminous, , Model 474 Non Luminous 1st Quality and 475 being of second quality. I’m not sure of the difference between the two so if anyone wold like to tell me Id love to add it to the Wizard lure ad.  Maybe its the use of glass eyes versus tack, or paint finish quality. If you have any wizards for sale Id love to see them. I’m looking for a 3 hook Pflueger Wizard version right now.

Pfluegers “Wizard” Wooden Minnow

   The above minnows are ballasted so as to float belly down and can be used on or below the surface of the water according to the speed given it. The Spinners revolving freely in opposite directions produce a most tempting attraction to all game fish especially Bass. To get best results the minnow should be used in and around pads, rushes and places where game fish habitat. Don’t fail to keep the minnow on the move. 

Pflueger Wizard Lure Ad 1904 Pflueger Wizard Lure Ad 1904

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Schoonies Skooter Lure Ad 1916

Schoonies Skooter Lure Ad

This Schoonies Skooter Lure Ad was found in a 1916 Shakespeare antique lure catalog. The Skooter is a really neat antique lure. The lure itself is rather hard to come by so its neat we get to at see it in an ad.

Schoonie’s “Skooter”

A Surface Bait and a Perfect Scooter

This artificial bait actually imitate the natural movements of fish in the water. Reeled slowly it takes the gliding action of a fish swimming at leisure. Reeled a little faster it takes a wider path traveling like a fish in hurried flight from danger. Two or three quick turns of the reel then stopping it “scoots” out sideways like a fish dodging pursuit.

Schoonies Skooter Lure Ad 1916 Schoonies Skooter Lure Ad 1916

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W D Chapman Lure Article Closure 1893

W D Chapman Lure Article Closure 1893

In this W D Chapman Lure Article Closure 1893 we see WD Chapman say adieu to the fishing tackle industry in a Jewelers trade rag in 1893. Sorry for the blurry article. A lot of the older magazines and paper articles don’t scan well.

Fishing Tackle Proves a Failure with WD Chapman

Rochester NY Nov 13 The failure of the fishing tackle house of VD Chapman & Son precipitated the closing up of the jewelry store of VV D Chapman at Theresa Mr Chapman has been in business there for the last forty years and much sympathy is felt for the old jeweler.

Mr Chapman has made public the following statement;

After struggling through a business career of over fifty years bravely meeting financial depressions and beginning at the bottom of the ladder after two disastrous fires 1 find myself to day financially “snowed under.” Having been extensively engaged in the manufacturing of “Fishing Tackle” making and causing to be made “Tons” with which to lure the finny tribe, I find the business has failed and engulfed me in my old age. But to my old friends and customers whom I have tried to serve faithfully and well in more prosperous days I will say I am at the old place with compe tent help to attend to fine watch work and repairing .

Goods at order which will come […]

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Heddon Dowagiac Minnows Newspaper Ad 1919

Heddon Dowagiac Minnows Newspaper Ad

This Heddon Dowagiac Minnows Newspaper Ad comes to us from 1919. Often we think only to look to magazines for ads, artwork and for information. This Ad is from the Arizona Republican Newspaper published in 1919. The Palace Hardware and Arms store provides us with this outside the box glimpse into our antique lure history.

Heddon’s Dowagiac Minnows

Heddon’s “Dowagiac” Minnows are the original Wooden Minnow and of the recognized highest quality.

The New Heddon “Deep O Diver” No 7000 Series

Specifically designed to dive very deep where the bass are found in mid-summer in Northern lakes. Does not float. Sinks and Dives and has active swimming or wiggling movement, which with rubber Pork Rind attached, adds to attractiveness. Is a deadly killer with one double hook equipment.
No. 7009D Natural Scale Finish (Green Scale)
No. 7009E White Body Greenis Black Spots
No. 7009F Yellow Body Black Head
No. 7009H Red Scale Finish

No.    1900 Series Baby Crab Wiggler

The above illustration shows our new Baby Crab Wiggler a smaller pattern of the famous Crab Wiggler first put on the market in 1915 and which proved a record breaker on Bass and other fresh water game fishes. The Bait is equipped with double hooks and because  of the peculiar angle at which it rides in the water the double hooks will be found absolutely snag-less, without detracting from the fish killing qualities.
No. 1900 Fancy Green Back
No. 1900S White […]

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Pflueger May Bug Lure Ad 1904

Pflueger May Bug Lure Ad

This Pflueger May Bug Lure Ad comes to us from a vintage 1904 Enterprise Manufacturing Company; Pflueger Lure and Reel Catalog. The May Bug spoon itself dates back into the 1800’s and can be fished bait casting as well as skittering. The May Bug has always been a favorite among Antique Lure Collectors.

The 1904 Pflueger Catalog Ad exclaims; Pfleuger’s May Bug Spinner All Metal, Painted True to life.  The body being separate from the wings, gives life like action to the bait when drawn through the water. One Size Only. 975 Luminous Price 4.00 Per Dozen , and 976 Non Luminous Price 3.15 Per Dozen
For Gimp Leaders, add $1.00 Net per Gross 

Packed- Sewed one on a Bronze Printed Card.

Pflueger May Bug Lure Ad Pflueger May Bug Lure Ad

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Pflueger Wooden Minnows Article 1918

Pflueger Wooden Minnows Article

This Pflueger Wooden Minnows Article was printed in 1918. The article proclaims and lays out in detail the evolution of its lures asserting it was the first, or the industry leader in the artificial minnow production. It lays out a time line for the production of the Pflueger Crystal Minnow, The Comstock Flying Helgramite, and the Pflueger Trory Minnow Lures.


As there seems to be some action on at the present time on the part of sporting writers in showing up relics of the past in the fishing tackle line, especially as regards wooden minnows or plug baits, the Enterprise Mfg. Co. Akron Ohio, have for the convenience of such writers gotten out an illustrated circular, “The Origin and Evolution of the Wooden Minnow Business”.

    EA Pflueger, president of the company furnishes some interesting information concerning the origin and evolution of the Wooden Minnow. He says, “We made our first Plug bait in the year 1881 in the form of a hollow glass minnow mounted with single and treble books at the tail and spinner at the head. This was heavy enough to cast properly and the minnow being filled with a mirror substance, also our Luminous material made it very attractive and a good seller. Following the Glass Minnow we made other casting baits all of which could be termed plug baits in the following order Rubber Minnows, Phantom […]

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