Bite Em Water Mole Lure

Bite Em Water Mole Lure

Bite Em Water Mole Lure

The Bite Em Water Mole Lure was first introduced in 1920. The Bite Em Bait Company out of Fort Wayne, Indiana has two versions. The one shown below in the gallery is a type II with a slanted face where as the type I is rounded. This no eyed wooden antique fishing lure measures three inches in length. The lure features a single forward line tie just below where the slant reaches its apex. The lures bowling pin type shape holds the lure’s two treble hooks. The forward hook employs the use of a screw hook similar to the Heddon L Rig  minus the cup to hold its treble, and the rear is secured with a screw eye.

Covering the bottom section of the rear half of the lure is a fixed oblong shaped flasher. The Water Mole lure was housed inside a picture box which used a photo of the lure in its design. The box exclaims “The Nickle Plated Spoon on the Tail makes the Bait Active and Very Attractive. Skitters, Wiggles, and Wobbles on the Surface.”  They use the ability to change the front hook out with a double hook to be able to help with its weedless properties.

The Bite Em Water Mole lure can be found in a assorted selection of colors. They used a more plain or primary color palate for its color options. The Water Mole was offered in a smaller Trout size version as well.

Bite Em Water Mole Lure Photo Gallery

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