AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure

///AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure

AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure

AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure

The AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure is one I dont see very often in Oklahoma. This wooden antique fishing lure has made quite a journey beginning in Canada. The lure was created – invented and patented by August W. Saarimaa. This unique lure dates to the early 1940’s along with its brethren the Muskie Head. Its is written the August began his lure making in Lansing, Ontario. The unique looking wooden lure uses a deep diving lip that is inserted into the mouth of the bait that then flanges outward making almost a 1/4″ rounded wing until it is even with the eyes. This I would think was thought of as a to stabilize the antique fishing lure as it makes its dive.

The Fish Hawk lure uses the strength of the metal diving lip by directly attaching two of its three treble hooks. The rear hook uses a simple screw eye to attach to the rear of the bait. The antique fishing lure continues its construction with the use of Nail Tack eyes, the lure can be found with painted eyes as well. The Fish-Hawk was produced in a host of colors advertising 10 finishes such as:

1 – Silver Flash
2 – Brown Pike
3 – Perch Scale Black Stripe
4 – Yellow Perch Scale
5 – Red & White
6 – Orange & Black
7 – Yellow & Red
8 – Herring Scale (Shown Below)
9 – Yellow with Red Ribs
10 – Yellow & Black

The Fish-Hawk Antique Lure was advertised to have been made in a 4 different sizes including a fly rod or fly fishing size. The smallest size would use only the two side hooks and absent the rear. August would go on to produce a half dozen other lures such as the Sarde, the Dabble, Giant Pikie, Jointed Pikie. Somewhere in his lure making process the company was moved to Willowdale, Ontario. August and his lures slowly faded from the fishing industry leaving us some wonderful antique lures to collect including its Fish Hawk.

AW Saarimaa Fish Hawk Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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